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Stay tuned for the end of this episode. Because ain't over delta over so here we go well audi howdy. It's been greenfield here. You probably knew that you downloaded this. Podcast you're likely press play and you know which podcast you're listening to mine mine and yours. I suppose. since you're a participant an active listening participant. I was recently interviewed by magazine or at least they sent me over a bunch of interview e questions and other questions. Enjoy them quite a bit. As a matter of fact. I thought that it would be kind of nice to To share some of my replies to that interview with you and kind of long form audio presentation of solo sewed if you will as prone to call these episodes where slam microphone in front of my face and just talk out into the ether and hope somebody of my mom might be listening. This magazine is called the bio hackers update. And what i'm gonna do is. I'll i'll put more information. The magazine pretty much. Everything i talked about on. Today's show if you go to ben greenfield finis dot com slash magazine interview. That's ben greenfield finished dot com slash magazine interview now The questions ranged from everything about my favorite quote. My favorite book look up to and why advice for pandemic stricken world and many many other questions including those about my updated daily routine. I thought this would be a really good chance to share with you. Many of those answers in hopes that you might. You might get some value out of what i have to say so i suppose that that the the best way to go about doing is just do it. So i'm gonna do it as as they say in in brooklyn on the. I don't know if i'm brooklyn new jersey boston. Whatever i'm just going to do it. So the the first question might as well jump right into the serious stuff First question is is what is my ultimate mission in life. what is my ultimate mission in life. Well here's the thing. I don't think i've even told anybody this. Outside of my internal team which i'd be completely up the creek without a paddle without that. Were we're actually doing a full rebrand of ben greenfield finished dot com and is part of that rebrand. There is a mission statement. And i'd like to actually share that mission statement with you so that you might know the direction that my website might my podcast and me as an individual are kind of headed so So allow me to to tell you what the mission statement when when my mission in life right now is and i'm going to read this in the third person which sounds kind of kind of narcissistic and i'm fully self wear and when i talk about myself i don't know i feel like i'm talking about myself but i think this'll be useful for you. I think everybody should have a mission statement for their podcast or their life or their their blog their books or whatever they do a mission statement is very helpful. Say that purpose dame is very helpful. As a matter of fact even my family the greenfield family we have a mission statement we have an entire playbook for greenfield family. We have everything from the routines and rituals that we do when our children are eight and twelve and sixteen and eighteen and twenty five to what we do for thanksgiving what we do for easter what we do for christmas. We have our family logo. We have our family symbols designing a family crest right now that will hang above the fireplace and you know in the same way that that business creates an entire playbook for that business we actually have a playbook for the greenfield family. In a way that i think really lends itself to building legacy and also you know for for the children in the family. Really passing on to them something meaningful where they actually know what the family stands for and actually have written down somewhere. What are we what are we doing. Christmas rolls around was greenfield family. Do you know when we open presence. Where do we who who who. Who opened the first president or the ornaments go. What do we have for dinner. You know what what what What what do we do on on a tuesday night. Do we play family tennis once a week. Or is that just kind of a random thing or is that actually woven into the greenfield family tradition. You know what's what's my wife's Spirit animal favorite color and symbol. What are my son's spirit animals and colors and symbol. You could see how deep you could go on this. And perhaps someday i'll do a podcast about those type of family mission statements but back to the to the ben greenfield Mission statement and this might inspire you this mining passion you to your own mission statement but allow me to share if you will What the mission statement for for ben greenfield fitness which drummer please isn't gonna be in greenfield venice. Much longer. it's gonna be. Ben greenfield life but anyways i might be putting the cart ahead of the horse here let me tell you the mission statement every go you ready all right in the third person. Ben greenfield is a bold curious and adventurous soul with a passion for exploring savoring and celebrating. All of god's creation then sharing with teaching to the world that unique new ideas and discoveries heat unearths through his own personal journey. An exploration of both ancient wisdom and modern science ben embodies a peculiar blend of hardworking stoic fitness and healthy epicure ian hedonism refined intelligence with quirky casual humor and nerdy geeked out science with mystical spirituality rooted in his strong christian beliefs rather than finding creating and delivering conventional thoughts and orthodox approaches to solving problems. Ben instead thinks outside. The box and authentically unapologetically educates and empowers people. That's you through. Is rapidly growing platform. How to experience what it truly means to be a complete fulfilled purposeful and vibrant human. Being ben has a passion distinct talent for learning at a rapid pace ability to be able to uniquely ineffectively. Teach and disseminate the information. He has gathered and confident. Powerful voice combined with an edgy and fierce delivery method that impassioned and inspires his followers. As a speaker order. Podcasts author teacher mentor coach and energetic head turning media personality. Yup that sounds narcissistic. But i'm gonna stick with it when ben finds a new interesting compelling or life-changing discovery that he's passionate about his calling in life is to share that with others way. The positivity changes their life to where that be some taste. Bud and chanting recipe thrilling. New book a fascinating scientists. Great thinker an intriguing advance in human science or most importantly a way of connecting more deeply. God purpose love and.

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