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Pub Dog, Colorado on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about safety guidelines and rules go online to pub dog colorado dot com. Colorado 22 07, but Avenue a half mile from Bear Creek Dog Park. We want to know what to do with that Google Smart speaker you got tell Google home they go, go play extra sports 1300. Live from Southern California. This is the gym Rome show on CBS Sports radio. Sunday. Such amazing when you think about it. Next Sunday, Another season off the NFL on CBS gets underway. Next Sunday. Amazing. Young quarterbacks, Obviously with the story we want features last year's MVP Lamar Jackson. The Ravens taken on Baker and the Browns. Alan and the Bills facing And possible rookie debuts from Joe Burrow and two are It all starts with the NFL today on noon Eastern nine Pacific next Sunday and CBS and I've never been happier to hear that music. Never been happier to hear that music. World Week away from the start of the NFL season. I'm not going to say that that snuck up on anybody. But Without the exhibition season manages different right. It's weird. And in this case where it is not good, weird is awesome. Fingers freaking crossed. It's a phrase that I normally reserved for horse racing. Whenever something happens with one of our horses, good or neutral. We always say fingers crossed fingers cross and I'm not even like a superstitious person at all at all. I don't believe in any of that stuff. I mean that habit fingers crossed, and with start of the NFL season, fingers crossed. Hopefully 1 806 368686. We've got at John Chat one It's waste, Jim. Where is Jerome Bettis from Yeah, I don't know that might come up when I talk to him next hour, assuredly will not Few of you referenced cruel intention running over the weekend. That is a jungle racing horse, along with Jamie Roth and family. And partners. True intention off the long layoff ran a really good third at Del Mar. The boy was flying late in a short race. You in west l. A is in quote the Padres blew it. They should have tried to get trout Harbor bets, Yell, Ich and Stan Signed Earth. Tommy from NC tweets on war. The Padres And the Madres for that matter.

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