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None of us want to do this by kind of show and hang out. Whatever they all they go through the tower. You know let's just gets to go check it out like all right. We're GONNA Tower. I'm already like I hate it. I hate all this strike like walking on that tiny little thing under the bridge to the POD bay like okay like everybody just Kinda hang out in jail and you know like we had all basically not doing right like yeah like yeah. We're not going. I'm not John Jump. Fight this you know like like if you don't want to do then we don't have to. And so the way they do it is the Bundy's set up from the biggest guys. The small guys keep pulling the strings off right and so the first guy they call up and like I don't know whatever his name was Nico go read. Meco read is a huge molly dude in in New Zealand still drifts. He's a maniac driver but he's larger than me so they they have the most amount of Bungee bungee ropes for him. You're like nope not doing it. And it's like like all right. We're the good guy and then Problem that's actually not. That's neat right. Defend himself and So then Move into Jared and they call up. Jared Jared Book and just like run to action like you mother ever totally like sign up and I know if if Jerry Jones is bridge. I have to jump off his fridge. I can't back down now. I can't let him have that overweight. And I sat there and wet bullet next like thirty minutes. Waiting for my turn and sure enough jumped off that bridge. I had every second of it and now we can talk about it because the the story that like the worst stories of the best stories and and Yeah Bungee jumping is not my favorite thing. But there's no way like going to New Zealand and hanging homeys and getting this opportunities. Pro Bono was paid for right. Like Red Bull took care of it and we got the jump and I got to outshine you so that was cool so do you do you hate or love your nickname the force. Levin do you. Yeah why I mean because okay so actually Out of why don't ask anymore star wars like new livery or anything like that like you really. Don't really actually soup for eternity. Yeah right yeah I keeping the fourth aspect of IT and Yeah da going into cars. What's what's a vehicle that you wish. You never got rid of what vehicle you kind of bummed because you sold your championship convertible you've sold gotten rid of too many vehicles but what's vehicle. Maybe you'll be glad. I unloaded the car. They didn't need it right. I have to three seventy already Convertible car and the only one I would say that I wish I still had. Yeah because you did get rid of the SR Z. To thank John that that car went all the way to South East Asia and now the car that was like my first car and FD album convertible car. Like I just have so many like high low memories in that car my purse championship in that car and I would like to see that. One back Restored back to its like o-9 that up and everything you know like Coal from redline rations. Who BOUGHT MY CAR? And there's you know we're putting it back the two thousand sixteen livery And Everything. Oh you are For for him. Yeah he's GonNa run the twenty sixteen setup right the same set up your car. He also bought like eight pro or for one D one cars. I know he owns my favorite one which the top secret has fifteen. Yeah say he's Got Miki's car you got Kazama like over five Green Bean He got like one of the as a as he got one of the team arms. Like he's building probably they world. I drove me then. That's so sick. Really Cool Dude. Yeah what if you could if you could build any vehicle outside of what you're doing nissans and we talked about this on Formula Drifts. high-octane episode. But what what would you? What would you build outside of a Nissan Z? Like do you do. You admire anybody else's car and you're like I like to build a Mustang or I'd like to build like Osborne supra or something like that like do you have any probably just by the Rotary Got. Softbank for really when the Rotary now. That's true so do you like. Fd like a three row would be awesome. But you see kyle. Mohand Kinda struggling there a little bit. He could get those horses just getting that all dial together like do you. You Canada's wouldn't WanNa build become fishing day. I would want to build in. Yeah that's true. What podcasts are you listened to if any at all I'm really looking to many lately? No no yeah I I. Honestly Joe Rogan Bond Sh Traveling but like haven't been traveling Driving many places and so things like that. It's like whatever what What's the first thing you're going to do when you get a quarantine like where's the first place you're GONNA eat Really want go to the bike. Almost cry I mean like I like super bombed during Long Beach Time. Normally they're hanging on like I'm chatting with Chris created. That's why we did a little like like party like on my Instagram we raised a couple of hundred bucks with charities cool but yeah like like sucks like beach like my favorite event. Yeah so yeah definitely like you know. And he's he's bummed out. Of course you know. Pike's goes down and they all they want to hang out with all their friends and family and so I'm just to go back over. Yeah Pike Bar Cherian fourth in Long Beach if you're listening to this Best Bar the world. I mean absolutely Chris Rees the owner killer dude just just all around him and his wife and his whole family so Rad What what. What are you listening to right now in the garage? What's what's kind of like hot.

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