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Yes what admitted i got in there was on man was i just fight in from day one was hidden hit this big black do would a chair in algiers and i had to keep going to court i wrote about it in the book evolution of komag nuys like even be in inside you know it's a whole culture of prison culture in lockup culture it's like this whole different set of rules you have the live by you know what a what the rules out in the world ain't the rules when you locked up and you don't have the rule book going in yet allow iran causes black do we were in in dock where they stripsearched you and all that action any like mother for you than it be my maytag anna's i now you're going to be my maytag and everybody started laughing and i and i said that his puerto rican kazic with fox made to hake like in on his ideal use told that big mother father that he's going to have to wash your falcons draws in suck dig in our like a means you're gonna be as bit right you know when you call somebody maytag is like yoyo ma bitch so and then the minute i got to win a he has got with me up and i'm banged him outwitted share and then i on knocked out his friend law that's all those that knuckle than knuckle agus only affected so they put me in the cells which was like these padded room 'cause i broke that's what they call it your amorphous broke it means i just went block wild.

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