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Colerain township this is the three thirty report I'm Matt Rees breaking now there is a reported shooting near northwest high school in Colerain township the Enquirer is quoting the Colerain township police department saying that multiple shots were fired a new market try that's near the school but the police chief of Colerain township is is saying to the Enquirer that he was told by officers responding to the scene that the shooting was not school related but the northwest local school saying that they went into full lockdown about two fifty this afternoon because of gun shots that had been fired will keep you updated but apparently this has nothing to do with northwest high school let's get a look at the roads now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic centered long screening save lives if you're fifty five or older and would like to learn more call you see health at five one three five eight four long that's five one three five eight four L. U. N. G. rains got the roads little bit slick and traffic is heavy and slow pretty much in all directions there's an accident south seventy five entering Lachlan the centre lanes blocked traffic is slow back to union center also broken down nor seventy five approaching the Brent Spence the right lanes blocked their your heavy back to Kyle's nor said to seventy five near Kilby road an accident and police activity continues to have Waycross road blocked in both directions at mill road in Forest Park there's an accident Wyoming Avenue near William street I'm rob Williams news radio seven hundred WLW now ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. got it only this afternoon some isolated showers are Hines up at fifty seven keep in mind it will also be breezy went from the southwest gusting as high as thirty miles per hour tonight your temperature will be warmest at midnight a fifty one we cool to forty three but never really rebounding on Friday will stay in the mid forties during the day as clouds decrease from your severe weather station I'm not first warning meteorologist Jennifer catch mark newsradio seven hundred WLW right now fifty degrees with scattered showers in the tri state more testimony from.

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