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We'll be right back with historic hood weeks scott looking to stream something new this somewhere. Bt plus the leading streaming service for the black community watch thousands of hours of content from black creators featuring your favorite salad. Choose from movies. Tv shows stand up. Special stage plays and more black culture is pop culture and be plus subscribers can watch as much as they want anytime anywhere on internet connected screens and always commercial for free. Bt plus also has exclusive originals like tyler perry's ruthless bra and we'll packers bigger and the wait is finally over. Make sure you check out season to bt pluses as original series first wives club. It's a modern day reimagining of the iconic nineties film. You don't own me. Hey created and executive produced by visionary who brought us girls trip. Tracy oliver haizhu first wives club stars ryan was show bath. Jill scott michelle and michelle mentioned. Nar the group of friends in a series band together after some trouble in their marriages and discover the strength of sisterhood. It's a cute show. Y'all guys don't miss season two first wives club streaming now only on. Bet plus and we are back. And it's time for my favorite segment of the show historic hoodwinked. This is where we will regale the listeners and priscilla with a famous connor caper and hurl opinions. All throughout. y'all can shah's opinions at the radio as well or extra ipods or whatever at the radio. I prefer that i even even if it's not connected to anything. I hope that you're listening to this. Podcast on an old timey radio like how they used to have radio soap operas and listen to it on an old time radio. That's what we expect. If we're not doing that you're not really here for me and that hurts the inside. So historically wings. I three years blade. Air mobility inc aviation startup. Best known as the uber of helicopters was represented by seven maclaurin as their spokesperson and director of communications. He sent out. Press releases spoke to news outlets even wrote personal blogs however this june it was discovered after his departure from the company that simon maclaurin never actually existed..

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