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On one with hey why kunimatsu who won in assuming was steady striving to do right up the use of the point six god everybody listen in on one with an to the ride in i wanna start this episode episode three i just given a shout out to my good friend andrew gillan who is the current mayor of tallahassee and he's running for governor of florida got to support him he's dope it's also his birthday today so i really want you to support him today you can do that on andrew gillam dot com like seriously like for real furrow ferreira andrews dope size and you need to get on that support my boy for his birthday so like i said this is the third episode in man this is is we have a dope throwback moment in blackness uh with the saada we conversation with jesse williams yes that jesse williams we have a political lowlife that you know no surprises here but it rhymes would dump and we have a political highlight that's about a rare moment of bipartisanship in agreement in the nation's capital nobody's welcome i'm a political commentator who is quick triggered in doesn't let anybody pulled a fast one my name means bringer of truth and that's exactly what i do for fifty seven minutes every single week on this podcast of faithful you know what time it is less get into this moment in blackness is for assata shukor who just last week celebrated her seventy th birthday on july sixteen she is a hero to so many of us for her brave fight for freedom not just her own freedom but oliver's i have been deeply deeply troubled by the ways in which her story is interpreted depending on what side of the aisle you sit on and sometimes even along racial lines she's not the first black person to be wrongfully accused in unfortunately she will not be the last.

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