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You can credit no now listen to criticize he spoke his mind now he spoke his mind I'm not criticizing both from the Mets standpoint we had we just talked about Vargas and how they felt about what went on in the clubhouse he's gone so Syndergaard the guy that is fine can also had some things are maybe the better the clubhouse with the front office may not like the fact that he's had some things to say pure speculation on my part but perhaps that's what that particular report you mentioned is getting that would like everybody to be like the ground just what do you ever not going right and and be good at what you do and be great at what you do and and be a good teammate and be a good solid citizen and be somebody that doesn't create a fire storm every time you go out on the mountain anyway shad Stroman could save the rates of fire summertime is on on Friday as it's what okay Pittsburgh brass for strongmen by that could change the based on what happens between now and the trade deadline because Syndergaard and Zack Wheeler are both schedule to face the white Sox this week in fact Syndergaard opposed by Reynaldo Lopez in tonight's opener with first pitch at eight ten over on the B. C. B. S. eight eighty as for the Yankees all quiet on the trade front for now they are back home for two game set against the struggling Domett acts of drop six out of nine they'll send Taylor Clark to the mound Aaron Boone canners with Jay Happel have pregame coverage here in the fan beginning at six twenty five elsewhere blue jays closer can Giles other trade target unavailable the past two games because of elbow soreness not the great the best timing there as far as moving him is concerned nationals a smack shares our lands back on the injured list with a minor rhomboid strain under his throwing shoulder Monday only form behind Atlanta now yeah braids been struggling now all of a sudden they lost again last night national yeah Padres dump the Orioles eight to one Eric Hosmer couple homers five RBIs for San Diego Tigers arrays the angels is seven to two Brad Ausmus watched his team get to five games over five hundred probably lose a four out of five to sub par pono timing of us struggling against Baltimore in the first game of this series obviously is in is in good and they're five and a half out now for the second wild card spot Rockies beat up the Dodgers nine to one LA's lost four out of six John Peterson pulled for not running on a ground ball in the eighth inning last night Dave Roberts said the effort was lacking Peterson agreed called his actions on professionals of the eighth inning of six nothing game whatever right blue jays seven Royals three the red used a ten run second inning doubts like the pirates eleven six Pittsburgh lost nine in a row Marlins eleven Diamondbacks six the nationals double up the Braves sixty three here was the big blow in the Sears the two are we.

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