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Yeah. And if you woke up on like a Sunday morning needed a Gatorade, you had to get on the highway. But when the lady was like, okay, here's the deal. Here's the lease and she like had the lead was like this whole maize. And then the leases waiting for you at the end. Like it's almost like a casino like Jaguar can't leave unless I sign it. She goes in just to let you know we are getting the whalers back. I'm went what she's like. Yeah. So these things are gonna fly. We're connected to the excel centre in years ago. I went. I know they're not. You're not getting the wheelers. There's she goes, I go, you just asked me what I did for living. I said, I work at ESPN. That's why moving here. I literally work in sports. The wheelers aren't coming back here. She's like, they are. And you should get this to better. I signed the lease anyway. Yeah, Hartford. Do you go in and you tell the realtor what you're paying? Yeah, right. I want my first nine months, free vacant doubts on anything. They danced assumed. I thought he is being one of their many mistakes as century was not buying a hockey team, just putting it there would have bought a hockey team. I would put it there in the ESPN arena. And then even if NBC sports has the rights to hockey, they have to show like the ESPN whalers the Hartford Whalers at the SPN dome. And it's just like a giant FU from ESPN to everybody else. This is at the height of the expand power, and they're just spending money left and right onto everything. Like drunken sailors. That'd be great. And then you could just put people like you could just have in just ten arena. Yeah. And you give like, oh, we gots and like just a grass wetter. We signed Libertad. You also get two season tickets to the Hartford Whalers and you have to go, you have to go. You have to go ten. He's just sitting there miserable, the stance, the hot dog. Geico like in, and here's member when they do the ESPN Hollywood thing, God I was in the meetings for that. Yeah, that was the first time they'd brought me in creative meetings, and there was this three hour brainstorm for it, and I didn't say much the first two hours and listen, everybody. John Walsh brought me and but two hours in I was like, I got to say, I don't understand the show. And then it gets ESPN. It's Hollywood. I'm like, I know. But why would I watch this? And it was like record scratch in. They're like, well, what would you want on it? And I was like. I just want to watch sports. I don't. I don't understand this. So it's going to be dare jeeter at a red carpet premiere. That's going to be your lead story and they do a red carpet at the wood is hockey games. I was like the way to make this work is you. You do the gossip stuff and you know, like at the time, I think Kobe's trial it either happened or is about that, and it was like you, you know, you, you lead story, Kobe's trial, and they're like, what we can't do that, like a, what's the show and they. It's life. I was one of those shows that had the title. In the ESPN, although it's a great title. It is a good title, great title. They did the website page. Two had a part that ESPN Hollywood, so they had all that, but they didn't know what it was and they still don't even now two thousand eighteen. What is it? ESPN Hollywood. Yeah. What is it? Not around anymore, but what? But what? I don't know what that would even be now. I guess it'd be now. No, no, no. Actually I think they should revamp the whole thing retro it they could do. The NBA alley deal did little catwalk through the tunnel. I would if Iran ESPN I make the jump like three hours. You know, I did the jump yesterday for the first time. Did you did you talk about to talk about? I know that what was the story this week? Yeah, it was Durant Durant versus McCollum when when he drops the, I did your fucking podcasts. A I understand is somebody that has to do analogies all the time what CJ McCollum was doing. But when somebody then decipher it and goes as little as possible where you're like, you think I would join a gang plot against them..

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