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Yeah and what what mistakes do you think most cmo's are making that you know trying to go from that you know two million to ten million stage yeah that's that's a horde stage go from it's you've got to figure out how the scale you've got a you've got to do a lot of the things that i'm talking about i mean that's the stuff that i had learned the hard way of you know being systematic about it being scientific about at tracking everything you know rapid ration rapid testing so i actually went through a course goal reforge with brian belfour and andrew chen so brian was from hub spot and that was it was very illuminating experience because it was it was somebody that i actually sat down and systematized and and now all the stuff that i had figured out the hard way yeah but but yeah i mean that's what you've gotta get good i and you gotta get good at doing the entire funnel so i mean the the single biggest problem that i say with was sambo's is when they they're kamar compartmentalized so you know marketing has its metric which may be lead generation or maybe traffic to the website or whatever but it's not entire funnel and so that's one of the things that we really specialize in is you doing it from start to finish so lead generation making sure that those leads the right leads that they're converting well that sales supported they have a sales process i mean all the way down to product so young i mean i've got one client that i just took on right now that their their primary problem was product on boarding so they had apply percent conversion rate from trial to pay and it's me about an hour of going through the process and it was like all right well here's all the thing you know i came into the first meeting with an entire page bullet louis of hero things that we need to fix and that's not something that typically you would think of as a marketing role in but but i think that but i think that it has to be.

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