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Up on crowd. Science ninety six percent of all universe is made up of stuff. We can't see or explain given that the so much of it one listener autumn in. India want us, whether it might be inhabited within this material could dot life have evolved, Mony Chesterton, and this week, we return to the matter dark matter with a global panel of astrophysicists strap in for the limits of testable physics that's crowd science on the BBC World Service after the news. BBC news with David Austin, President Trump has declared his stance on abortion, after a number of US states paused, Heidi restrictive laws on the subject on Twitter. He described himself as pro life, but with three exceptions rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother, the comments put him in opposition to Obama, which earlier this week, move to battle most all early terminations, even when report incest, involved, the people of Switzerland voting in a referendum to decide whether to tighten the country's gun laws to conform with EU regulations, the government is urging voters to support the changes. The Austrian chancellor Sebastian Coe's will discuss a timetable for snap election with the country's president later on Saturday. He ended his coalition with the far-right Freedom Party corruption allegations against its leader, Heinz, Christiane straw. Votes being cast in the seventh and final phase of India's elections. The prime minister Narendra Modi has urged people to turn out at record numbers. Saudi Arabia has called for our states to meet in mecca later this month to discuss heightened tensions in the Gulf. Its foreign minister told a news conference that Riyadh to north want war, but stood ready to respond if what he called the other side chose conflict. The British Prime Minister Theresa may says she intends to make a bolt offer to members of parliament in a final effort to get them to approve have Brexit plan next month. But some hard line Brexit is from her conservative party have already warned the plan is doomed in football. Vincent commpany, the captain of the English Premier League champions, Manchester City has announced that he's leaving the club in a statement on Facebook. He said the time had come his departure of, to what he described as an incredible season. Those stories from BBC news..

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