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You know, your players are tired. We saw this from the game last night. Everybody got tired and that made for very interesting overtime period. Click cappella wins the jump on court to start overtime of the regular season. The warriors Owen five in the overtime sessions. They play the rockets two and four one twelve one twelve rockets ball cappella rolling got hit by green laws to control got it back Tucker. Oh, shop put for PJ Tucker. He got one of those to go rocket strike first overtime one fourteen one twelve just a second make in the game. PJ talker. Curry seven of twenty one in this game two for nine from three as working on Har dishes at the green posting both run on Gordon looking at signed for cutting early who gets ELD on the catch not other shot on the catch by James Horne. That's the third on harden. Are so good. At creating space getting cutters to the basket and finding them with passes dollar the dream on green. Green takes the dribble drives left heart reaches in thousand so two quick ones on hard and up to four and there's this shooting it appears to be will. Yes. A shooting foul on hard. So trim on green and the foul line. He has five or six tonight a game three. The first. Remember, they missed five and first half. But come back and had a good second half of the line. Mrs the second short off the run of the. One fourteen one thirteen years too. Nineteen eleven ten green. Again, they've never lost a game. But he's triple double drumming, the Leme can't get finish offense rebound Tucker. Trying to throw it back out and got out. I tell you what PJ Tucker on the glasses, but a man possessed since the end of the third quarter, he has grabbed.

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