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Seventy Sixers have three members of their organization testing positive and the Denver Nuggets said someone within their franchise was positive as well now your exclusive W. C. B. M. weather channel forecast sunshine shows up just in time for the weekend today though we're cloudy a few showers maybe some thunder AT the hi this afternoon tomorrow sunny with shower to fifty three Sundays dry sunny fifty two I'm Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS brought you by express pros dot com losing sleep over a stressful job or a bad boss it's time to get to know express employment professionals more than half a million people find work with express each year conduct of the express jobs out or express pros dot com at city hall in Baltimore sixty four sixty eight in locker in seventy one in Severn reporting at ten thirty three I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCVB M. news this is mac Donald and this is a fox business report a lot of volatility on Wall Street where investors were looking for their first back to back games since the corona virus crisis escalated in the west apple is a limiting customer purchases of iPhones over online stores in many countries including the US and China to a maximum of two per person per device the last time it did this was two thousand seven when the iPhone was first introduced to stop people from selling them the limits come as apple braces for disruptions to supply chains as many layoffs intensified domino's pizza announcing a higher ten thousand workers meet delivery demands during the virus outbreak domino's ranks among the world's top public restaurant brands and the CEO of all three of the virus Howard Willard seeking temporary medical leave according to the company Marlboro that's your fox business report one million will be invested you have you seen the new cyber threat warning about the conversation hijacking totally cybercriminals are using email account takeover and branded presentation to insert themselves into email conversations and steal money.

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