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On a wide W. here's Larry Kaski from Bloomberg Wall Street opens for business today with the Dow and S. and P. five hundred at new highs down in ninety two yesterday yes he added two points the nasdaq filled for inflation will be back in the spotlight today is the government reports on October wholesale prices economists surveyed by Bloomberg C. F. three tenths of one percent increase in the producer price index after a decline of three tents in September also today the labor department will have its weekly snapshot of the job market is it reports on first time jobless benefits plates and we'll get a check on where home financing costs are headed with Freddie mac's weekly mortgage rate report peloton plans to introduce two new pieces of workout equipment next year in an effort to expand beyond cycling the company is working on a new treadmill that will cost less than the current four thousand dollar model as well as a new rowing machine with money news from Bloomberg on K. Y. W. I'm Larry Kaski a trio of cast awake howls as been discovered on north Carolina's Outer Banks the apparently washed up after swimming for miles to escape hurricane Dorian storm surge Cape lookout national seashore officials think the stranded cal's swam up to five miles they belonged or heard that roams freely on cedar island across the sound that have to be shipped back home well we have a we have a day two of jury deliberations in the murders of three men on a farm that story's coming up as five twenty seven this thanksgiving think outside the of it with a brand new grill from the east thanks grilling event this Saturday November sixteenth from eleven to two at your local ace for great deals giveaways and Turkey grilling demo showcasing our top brands like trigger Weber big green egg anymore plus get free simply delivery on gross three ninety nine don't miss the things growing this Saturday from eleven to your local dissipating storage for scheduling three simply delivery for members security threats are everywhere with Xfinity X. by you're notified of Fred your in home wifi network to all your connected devices are protected that's simple easy awesome go online call one eight hundred Xfinity or visit today restrictions apply did you know you can get more value from your Medicare coverage choose after Medicare HMO and get medical and prescription drug coverage plus enhanced.

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