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I and we can go on to other games. But I think it was the simplest bigly took the foot off the gas. I will played really hard. And I swear to God when your coaching on the sideline it's it is literally like a snowball coming right at you that you're trying to stop. But I will say good for Tennessee. They got it figured out grant Williams made plays and they got it done. And they play you like Purdue he liked Tennessee. You go with the Boilermakers on picked Tennessee, my BRAC, and you still just staying with my brand. I am really impressed with I really impressive. What about the top? Hafer Jinyan, Oregon, Oregon alone sleep with alone, the double digits to get into the Sweet Sixteen coach, I've got Virginia. I think Virginia exercise that demon. I think Virginia DC Keith as plan really, really. He bit. Yeah. I mean, you're talking to guys Markley Hollywood take anything at this point. Hey, guys, have great hair. And then they mess with it. Just as more accentuated. What? His him blocking shots. I'm catching lobs and Dunkin, and that's just what the is is. He is different. It's just in like cow guys been okay, drums, sometimes disappears dry. I don't think Drome has to score Jerome scores. When you need him to the Andre hunters the guy when the guy when a game gets tough unless guys have one of those nights. Like, yes. Some one of those nights where ball hits his hands. And it's off. How does the guy that's got to go win games from at the end again? I think this I think from an Oregon standpoint Wooten, we talked about right? I mean, he look don't the one thing that Oregon. I think can do I think I think they can speed it up a little bit. And that may be that may sound dumb 'cause they play that soft pressure to slow you down on. Yeah. And and I'm watching them. And I'm thinking, you know, what if I'm playing against Virginia. I I want at least get it going to little bit. And I know that it opens it up maybe for cow guy or or that kind of stuff. But man when you got a big guy near that block shots like Wooton does. And you got a kid like Pritchard that can make shots. I just think you gotta you gotta get some easy bucket somewhere. Like you cannot grind every stinking possession. So of Oregon could get it down drag it shoot a little I just. I don't like Oregon in this game. But I am not totally in love with Virginia. I just think that you can guard those two guards see I think Oregon is going to continue to do that soft pressure. So that they only have to guard mover Blau all that stuff for junior. Does. Yes will Virginia in a shorter clock is ticking. Only have by the time. They advance over half court. A little bit of short clock. And they get them out of rhythm offensively where they can't move your side aside, and then maybe some long rebounds and get out and purchased. Good at he. Yeah. I news go would you be mad if Prichard at twenty shots, and again, no, in fact, when I say move he made he made that one deep. Oh, it was from the parking lot just saying you you gotta make shots against them and was shot. Ready yen. You can whip it. And you just can't I don't know more. I watch them more. You just can't try to grind every possess. I like to soft pressure, but I like getting out against them to keep it ball, reverse you both like with this. He's whiny on it. I am all your Little little. shocking used to that south region. We're going to talk about the mid west here. Auburn was a team that coming in. I thought it's just maddening..

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