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Loss Blanco's has interest in the trio Instead, Peres says the team's going to continue to try to finalise a move for Chelsea star, even hazard Peres also says the decision on Gareth bale remaining at the Santiago burner. Bio has not yet been decided AC Milan and manager. Gennaro Gattuso have parted ways after eighteen months as a Syria club fails to earn a spot in next year. Champions League, the former Milan, great lead Rossana to its highest point total in six years, but they missed qualifying for the Champions League by just one point Oakland Raiders. How about this? They make a move agreeing to deal with offense. Lineman, Richie, incognito Wasim played in the league since retiring after the two thousand seventeen season incognito last played in buffalo earning three trips to the Pro Bowl for the bills. The thirty five year old is that a checkered past, including his role in bully gate while with the Miami Dolphins and recently being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold major league baseball scoreboard, local teams in action just underway at Yankee Stadium Yankees and the Padres are scoreless in about twenty five minutes Detroit these at Baltimore Cleveland on the road at Boston San Francisco. He's at Miami, Atlanta hosting Washington. The New York Mets on the road at the dodgers. Oakland is home for the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim on Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update Reshad, thank you so much for that. That doesn't tell you what we've got coming up right here on the day. Break asia. We're going to be looking at you'll money is doing and indeed with the prospect of the markets. We got portfolio managers, schmead capital management, Tony Shera. Joining us this initial while just tell you that the dollar index is moving to the upside, the art, and now a page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, the ghost is back. This house is protected through progressive, but that doesn't mean it's not haunted. How else would you explain that radiator like clanking sound or the moon colored light in the hallway that's gone by morning?.

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