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I've had this interview with Virginia Roberts we went out there on the air first I was told was Jeffrey actually no one knows who that is this is a stupid story and the palace found out that we had her whole allegations of prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways so we've we've got to tell you a little bit about a are about rob Virginia Roberts we've got to talk about the palace so it seems that in this investigation she was poking around in the palace Buckingham Palace and it seems that maybe Buckingham Palace the Royals threaten ABC news that if you go with any of this because of effect the prince Andrew has been implicated in the whole mess with Jeffrey abstain if you go with this story if you keep sniffing up the street we're going to cut off all oil access to you and when you look at shows like Good Morning America and they they cherish they love the royal access or the ability to interview Sir William Moore or yeah I hate that yeah I mean the only get me started on the on the whole oil situation so hang on one zero teaser there I've got one two three I got like four audio chunks that I got to play here and it doesn't add up the excuse for the commentary from Amy rolled back after this late from project Vera Thomas a response because none of what she says now is all this video this video of the true feelings and the statement released today that's a clean a fact this is must here and I give credit to project veritas for getting their hands on this because it is a great story that fell into their lap hang on I'll get to this in just a moment in fact we'll do it next on Schmidt stand by yeah circle so you've never heard that word before for the forty people diagnosed with sarcoma every day it is a life changing more because this cancer and research the sarcoma foundation of America hope to the families whose lives have been turned upside down cancer they never heard of diagnosis police on some sort for information on the work of the sarcoma foundation of America go to cure sarcoma.

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