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Out of a grain of wheat along gates, a beam of wood to help Joseph out in the carpenter shop. So it's just like a real like hijinks Lotta hygiene I feel like it's really it's taking the source material and leaning into the fully human. While being fully God but in a in a fun way. Yes. Exactly and that is the nonstick vibe. They're just there's just lots of lots of weird other stuff attributed to Thomas out there and just wanted to just lay the groundwork. Sure if you're interested in checking the guys. Okay. So I also want to rebuke the I did not specifically the do that you mentioned in the episode about who say that Thomas's doubt is bad. I WANNA rebuke pretty much all like just that General Vibe Ryan like doubt Thomas is bad because he doubted because we were beat bit. So you're really come at your coming on team. Yeah. I'm I'm on team. You rarely does that now that's not true it happens off. But I think if we villain is Thomas and what has been historically considered his most notable trait, we weren't really like serving the tax properly. So I want to like put it in a different perspective. So let's put are sanctified imagination hats on this. So Thomas Thomas is is he loves Jesus enough that in a few chapters back he's like willing to die for him. He spent the past two or three years being part of his posse, their friends, their family Jesus appears to. All the other disciples except for him that we know of that's like the biggest photo ever we have the story they've seen their friend but for Thomas that's like not viable narrative which I think completely makes sense for him. Jesus is dead or his body was stolen. so He's grieving scared. He's maybe frustrated that his friends of seemingly gone insane and maybe even on another level feels like left out an embittered maybe he's wondering why Jesus hasn't appeared maybe he spent this whole week like. Wondering when Jesus GonNa pop up and so I think it's lovely that Jesus directly addresses him and has intimate moment with him. Jesus..

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