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Above the more he's hit the Story Davis with a couple of passes, one for 22 yards, and the other one. Just a moment ago. Uh, for 17. So again, he's got him on the move. See whether or not the titans conduce something with it and get themselves and feel no range. But right now the boat 44 yard line a 24 all time We're in overtime. Alright, next points winning this one. Lets have to remain a doe in New Orleans, where the saints are on their way, presumably to their sixth consecutive win. And here is 1/7 straight. Wouldn't be rhythm losing track here. They're 2027 ticks away Rich and saints. Looks like I got advance the eight and two Elkins look like they may fall of three and six. The Saints on top 24 to 9. You know, the Falcons entered the game with the second best passing offense in the league, Matt Ryan 513 in the second half of the game. He was 17 out of 34 for 1 98. But he was intercepted twice. In fact, eight times, Taysom Hill, you know, and I was wrong. We talked only before the game. I thought Jamie's Winston may make a showing J J tasting the pill 18 out of 23 for 233 yards through the air, he added. 51 yards As a foot soldier with a couple of scores, using his feet and in the states again with 378 2 yards of Falcons were allowing 410 yards per game near the bottom in league average, so the Saints to get a very physical game, Julio Jones made an appearance. In the second half, but was not Billy. You know he didn't make. He didn't make much of an impact in the second half. He's got an injury. That's sure what it is. But you don't see much of Julio Jones in the second half, but 26 ticks away. And looks like the same thing to come away with the 24 to 9 win here in the Superdome. All right, we'll be there. Seven straight. Want to correct myself and get everything right? Julio Jones was being worked on late. I don't know if it's related or he further exacerbated that injury. Right now, The Titans look to be in field goal range is a J. Brown just caught a pass went out of bounds and He came up a little gimpy on that play, but he seems to be okay is he is trying to walk it off. Let's head to Erik Nelson. Right now. The Vikings and Cowboys getting ready to get underway in Minnesota today, Eric in afternoon. Yeah, he Rick. She agreed to be on another NFL Sunday across the U. S. A. And it seems odd saying it, but I guess it's 2020 so we shouldn't be shocked. This is a big game. Dallas is two and seven. They have not looked good all year. Minnesota's four or five, but the Vikings have won three in a row. It's got playoff repercussions, because as I just heard the report from Cleveland, it looks like the Eagles are going to go down. So if Dallas can win this game, they'd only be a half game out of first in the NFC East. Meanwhile, Minnesota has clawed back into the NFC wild card picture. Arizona's loss to Seattle on Thursday night helps the Vikings out there up there on the cusp of being in the playoff conversation. So it's really a game where the winner is gonna have some moment in the loser is going to say what it could've should've. As for Dallas, Andy Dalton Who was you know out with covered also with a concussion, the double whammy. He should be back. So, presumably that could give the Cowboys offensive boost. Meanwhile, Minnesota has Dalvin Cook and what a season he's had 954 yards on the ground leads the NFL in rushing 12 touchdowns. He also has a touchdown catch. So he has been a machine. I think one of the keys to watch here today riches. Ezekiel Elliott. Can the Cowboys take some of the heat and pressure off Dalton and finally run the ball seeks only got 572 yards on the ground in just five touchdowns, but you have the feeling That maybe he's going to say to himself. You know what? I'm tired of Dalvin Cook, getting all the thunder in the headlines and garnering the attention. Let me prove that the NFL that I still have some games, So it's a big one. There's some maneuvering going on the offensive line. The Cowboys are gonna move their pro bowler Zack Martin. He's going to shift to right tackle because of injury issues and Minnesota front, Brent Jones will replace right guard. As Rick Cleveland, So we're getting close to kicking it off the Cowboys two and seven, The Viking foreign five. Usually When these teams play, it's meaningful. The record would say otherwise this year, but it is a meaningful game. All right. Thank you very much. Eric. We will check back in just a few minutes in the next segment after kickoff. Sounds good. All right, Erik Nelson in Minnesota, the Jets with a blocked punt, It leads to a low Michael P. Ryan, six yard touchdown run jets on top by a score of six to nothing. Also Derrick Henry a 30 yard run to lift the Titans over the Ravens, 30 to 24, so they do it again. It does. Tennessee in Baltimore is the Titans when it 30 to 24 in overtime, And you hate to say the cliche is they wanted it more. But when you see all the missed tackles that a J. Brown went through to score late, and the best tackles on Derrick Henry, just a couple of moments ago, you started to think the Titans did want it more, but they win it by a score of 30 to 24. To improve to seven and three. The Ravens are now six and four. Going up against the Steelers later this week. The Steelers 27 3 winners today against Jacksonville, Josh Allen, leaving that game for the Jaguars.

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