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Adventures movies after Iron Man. Would you have wanted your first experience to be on streaming no absolutely not and the grandeur and and scope of the production design costume design is such an even when we get into the sound design. The sound design is so intricately. Jerkily done on so many of these big films. Now that you can hear the flutter like with Malefic and I'm sure the same thing is going to happen with Mr Seveval evil you can hear the flutter of the fairy wings and that attention to detail a lot of people may not notice it but it feels your senses senses so it enhances the experience and you're not GonNa hear it on your TV Saturday. Okay Miss W October twenty fifth black and Blue Star. Therese Reese Gibson I go back a long way with therese. I root for him all the time. He's a big supporter of a lot of other people in the business. Frank Grillo is in this Naomie Harris's in this. What do I need to know about this movie? What's well number one? The big thing to know is dion. Taylor is directing it dion and I go way back and dion is a dear. The dear friend however thriller it's an action thriller. Dion also knows that if it if it's crap I will say it is crap to his face as well L.. We should tell people it's this action thriller about a rookie cop and that's Naomi Yup and she captures of murder of a drug dealer on her. We have corrupt cops and and I think one of the big reasons to see black and Blue Dante Spin ody's cinematography cinematography spin spin spin. Not is one of the best cinematographers out there. He didn't manage to show his range. The last Mohicans ant man and the wasp beaches. He's okay. So that is a definite must see film for October twenty fifth blackened blow before we wrap it up. Let's get into November briefly because because we can't stop without talking about Terminator Dr Arnold's back Sarah Connor's bag the Hamilton Hamilton. Hamilton is back reprising her role. And this is the sixth and Stolman in this series. And there's a new terminator Gabriel Luna Right uh-huh and it looks like it will have all the action that we remembered all that kind of and given chemistry and hey this this is the sixth installment since the last terminator installment stunts technology. CGI It's all advanced even more. So so I'm chomping at the bit for that one and we should talk about motherless Brooklyn because this is Edward Norton like what his his prize is. He's Yes for a long time if he's Dr. Yup It's New York City crime drama and it's based on a novel from Nineteen ninety-one. Yes it is so you know. And I'm typically always hesitant with adaptations from novels. But when you get somebody like Edward Norton or you get a James Franco somebody that is doing adaptation nation. They know literary construct they know how to bring character from the page to the screen. So I think my motherless Brooklyn Alan is wanted definitely have on your radar. Plus Bruce Willis is in it. And not only Bruce Willis but Willem defoe who I think is Baldwin Google bothell raw amp Jerry Jones. Bobby Kinda Avala. There is a nice cast here and I feel like they had to look at the script when they were offered the part. Read for the part and thought. I WANNA be a part of this absolutely going to let you tease people with one more Phil God. 'cause thanksgiving we'll have you back and get into that whole holiday meal of movies but Friday November number eight was a movie that you WanNa see. Well actually there's three I wanna see I got I got to talk about one. Well the titles of the other two okay well number. We've got to be on the lookout for mid way. It's a remake of one thousand nine hundred seventy six jacks might. We're GONNA talk about that next time last Christmas the trailer. Just just drop this week written by Thompson starring Emma Thompson that went and it's George Michael's music and of course it features the Song of the same name name last Christmas but the one that I'm really that I really am looking looking forward to it. has you in stars. Ewan McGregor doc yes. UN UN is my question you and my downfall doctor sleep. This is the sequel to the shining. And you and plays Danny Torrance all grown up but the big mystery surrounding this film is who's going. Will there be flashbacks. Will there be an appearance by Danny Torrance's father I mean Jack. Nicholson you said it not me. This is the big mystery surrounding this film. Will there be Jack. Nicholson appearance but I think in and of itself off the fact that we're revisiting Everything that we know and remember Red Rum Red Rum. It's it's this. This is a big one. This is one. I'm really really looking forward to. We'll be able to talk next time about films. Including the Irishman knives out Jumanji the next level all caps is coming out star wars the rise of skywalker call of the wild little women and other adaptation of that spies in disguise. We've got some movies to talk about..

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