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I think that's really maybe where you start like get, get them in a half-court offense and and then maybe you can wage It's still, you're going to have to find something to do with camber, but at least I think you have a better shot than if you get into a into a race with these guys, you're going to lose it again. You know track meet is wage where you want to be and then there's always another guy who's Kryptonite against Celtics, ish Smith coming off the bench to who always seems to go for, you know, fifteen and five against them. It's just off. So it's, this is, you know, in terms of if, if you wanted to solid except potentially lose the play in situation. This is probably the they're easily. They're off the phone, either getting, I don't know, like, if they if the Pacers have their full Fleet back. I assume the Pacers are going to beat the Hornets since in the other matchup on Tuesday and off since hayward's, not back. And that's just a talent mismatch from a stable. So, I mean, if they, if the Pacers want to make one last gasp for their, their coach, whatever, like and broadens back from a talent standpoint, I think Able an edge over the Celtics too and that head-to-head matchup with with Jalen out. Yeah again you you probably take you probably if you're drafting those two rosters you probably take Tatum probably. I mean sabonis is pretty damn good faith. Only if you take Tatum one and then the next three or four guys or Pacers Great. Brogden sabonis. At least. Yeah. Yeah. We see Camp. I mean this is This is a huge week for Kemba Walker as we're putting down the list of like, we're not even mention him. Amongst the, which is, which is fair. Just based on what is your has been. He always has got to go in a lot offensively off in the last couple of weeks, as Jalen's been off, the Coronet and encouraging shine signed for the, the short and the long term if.

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