Syria, Spall, Donald Trump discussed on The Laura Ingraham Show


You know the bigger point of this book on us versus them is that so many of the things that the americans have been promoting for decades now the free trade the americans are going to lead the world make a safer democracy have our troops although a world and ensure stability open borders that really a growing number of americans maybe even a majority just like a growing number peons across the continent say this isn't working for us anymore korea i want these two thousand troops out of syria right there's no one in the foreign policy establishment that was concerned about that no we gotta do this of course you've got to balance out commercial trump is saying what about these two thousand people like members of the working class those enlisted men and women that families they voted for trump for hillary and jeb reason for that decades of failed wars domino's ghanistan iraq and spall by trump being president anymore much much deeper set of structural issues in burma tell us about what's happening what we're seeing in europe with the rise of these populist movements in in italy i mean in the most recent elections you saw berlusconi's party growing what's happening what are we seeing throughout your is this a wave is this something that is and why hasn't why hasn't it reached the shores of germany yet did so in in in germany merckel has despite the fact that the german economy is doing very well pretty good about the economy from you know sort of a lot of those other europeans barely was reelected barely was able to form a government much weaker than a previous and so she's got basically a lame duck she can't build a stronger europe the way macron wants to that's dead in the water right now the french president's efforts for the first time since town nationalist party interpreting is in you need percents thirteen percent and they've only grown since then mary yeah you know i'm i'm having some trouble hearing you you're garbling through our connection we're going to try to reconnect with you so we can finish on our conversation but no it was fascinating watching yesterday i don't know how many of you saw the welcoming ceremony at the at the on the south lawn of the white house but the chemistry between trump and and macron and the.

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