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Are continue to kick in and people's disposable income is increasing within your times did the new york times in order to find a couple who would not benefit from trump's taxcut actually had to invent a couple on paper they couldn't find a real life example of an american family whose taxes were going up and so they created a fictional and they did not try to convince readers that this couple actually existed they instead manufactured a typical american family with certain specified suspects must vacations and then they ran numbers two and they created a scenario where a family would see a tax increase it was made up and one of the ways they did it was to use a tax preparation software called turbo tax well that was even flawed you know why because the version of turbo tax the new york times used had not been revised are upgraded to include the new tax rates and reductions in the trump tax cut and once they used the proper version of turbo tax even they're made up couple data tax cut but here's the new york times ignoring every family they inspected trying to find a tax increase having to resort to making up a fictional family and even that fictional family ended up getting a tax cut now they're dribbles i will it a republicans aren't jelly a good enough story i dunno i mean the i see paul ryan on tv every week touting the advantages and the results of the tax and i hear trump talking about it uh it's it's who gets their message out first and there was a coordinated message of the democrats and the media that this tax cut was a tax increase and it's taking awhile who prove that that is arroni us so wilbur ross saying should judge of the president judge's decisions by what's actually happening not some speculation on whether the economics advisor leaving is going to cause problems judge what's happening by what's happening look at actual results joe kernen who was the host on cnbc then censure wilbur du north gary cohn said something like if you do the.

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