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K. a. dot com. Well colorado is making progress against covid nineteen. But we can pretty much expect mass and social distancing. Don't stand so close to me into summer. This according to a recent statements made by the appropriate officials as according to a piece in the denver post by mega wind girders showed up yesterday colorado again making progress beating back covid nineteen but will all likely need to keep a wearing masks but do we need to layer them as a Anthony fauci suggests and will need to practice social distancing well into the summer now this is according to a member of the states a covid nineteen modeling team. All the news is good as january comes to a close though virus related hospitalizations aren't dropping quite as quickly as they were weeks ago. This according to beth. Carlton who is an associate professor of environmental and occupational health at the colorado school of public health. The percentage of covid nineteen tests coming back. Positive fell below that five percent mark last week. Indicating that there probably weren't large numbers of undetected cases though it popped above that threshold again on sunday. Carleton went on to say. Colorado is a good place in a good place compared to our neighbors colorado department of public health and environment reported seven hundred and six people were hospitalized across the state with confirmed or suspected. Covid nineteen This as of monday afternoon. That's about a third of the number of people receiving hospital care for the virus at the worst point in early november cases a were also down from the covid nineteen peak in the state by about two thirds. Now while it's welcome news that cases and hospitalizations are on the decline state epidemiologist. Dr rachel hurley. Said it's important to continue practicing those precautions that we know so well at least over the next few months as the vaccination push continues again hospitalizations below their levels at the spring peak. But still about three times what they were during the low point in summer now. Apparently colorado is also dealing with a few So-called competing forces vaccine will gradually reduce the number of people susceptible could to covid nineteen But the state like many other states also facing a challenge from a new more contagious variant of the virus. Now if i'm not mistaken Pfizer on tech coming out and saying that they're vaccine. They have every reason to believe will be effective against those rogue strains of covid nineteen fifty seven. Now thirteen ten. Kfi gay party. Northern colorado's force thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. Local programming continues right after mornings with gala. Not now the power trip.

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