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Medicaid and most insurance companies Contact Jessa Ajay SSA dot org proudly serving Montgomery county 1208 Get a $49 furnace tuna by calling 809 four 8 Mike Let's go right to Rita in the WTO traffic center And not much has changed on 95 in Virginia southbound traffic still being diverted to the fairfax county Parkway northbound traffic still being diverted at Carmel church and those of you stuck on southbound 95 are still sitting there and waiting for someone to come help you to get you off the interstate the last we saw people where they were taking people off the roadway seemed to be the Dale City exit it seems they've gotten everybody further north from that point that was stuck off the roadway or at least are getting tow trucks to get the people who can not move off the roadway because they ran out of gas or because their vehicles broke down Now here's another issue that people are finding once they get off the roadway especially if you get en route one If you can help it do not get on to route one right now We have several sections of route one that happened to be closed I just spoke to someone who while after sitting on 95 is now on southbound route one in the Quantico area and has been sitting there for over an hour We did have two closure points that we knew of route one near gunston road in fort belvoir and 95 in Stafford in the area of telegraph road and Boswell's corner So those are two spots on route one that we know that are closed we had reports of 17 closed north of 6 12 hartwood road parts of westbound three west of 95 were closed due to a tree down in the roadway also colors on three O one northbound trying to get anywhere near the hairy nice bridge are actually stuck in a delay and have been sitting there for quite some time After crossing the rappahannock river bridge reporting that there may possibly be a crash involving a tractor trailer the road had been reportedly blocked in both directions but just seeing a massive backup northbound So that may be the closure point northbound three O one just past the rappahannock Now north eastbound 66 near route 50 There was a broken down vehicle on the right side north Dan George Washington Parkway after spout run the broken down vehicle in the right lane We also had some issues in Maryland northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway after four ten keep an eye out for the crash that was along the left side southbound 29 kozo wrote it the second intersection with university boulevard those traffic lights had been flashing Visit fit small dot com to find a safe used car if it's Gerald as hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car if it's a car is best visit fit small dot com today I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Hey now the 17 four meteorologist Mike Stanford A good deal of sunshine this afternoon still chilly highs in the 30s to around four ale Tonight increasing cloud cover will have a phrase once again let's bitch one.

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