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So how do we even get to the part where we need or meet this guide book that this titular book also ford prefect has one and then we also find that he's been on earth for he's cayenne stranded on earth for fifteen years but the reason he's out in the first place exploring around is because he is helping put together the second edition version of the okayed so he is a writer for the for guide oh neat okay um uh so arthur and ford prefects discovered and thrown off this ship like shot out into an air log we were informed that the the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy tells us that you can hold your breath in the vacuous space for about thirty seconds um and so they're saved at twenty nine seconds by the ship that's been stolen by the president of the galaxies fid biebel brock's okay how are you doing right now it's saying the word zap odd you don't what's going on with you i have not sending these words out loud okay okay is that i'm just china and just complain about your pronunciation was it's mostly that there is there is not like a straight line through this book like it just kinda meanders from thing to thing and their sides that matter in aside that dole and aside that sprout off their own little chapters and asides that that are brought back up later and sides that inform us that something that is about to happen doesn't actually matter oh good hey hurts there's one like sequence where it says you know nobody's going an things look kinda babar nobody's going to die somebody's going to get a bruise on their arm but it doesn't even really matter like everything's going to be fine and then the thing happens with all the suspense having pin sucks outta the sequence by the previous description of of what was going to happen so he okay.

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