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Back with the Tom shillue show. This was the quote, I was looking for I opened up the Washington. The Wall Street Journal opinion page in the story by Matt Hennessy's talking to. Bishop Barron at Catholic Bishop, and he said if you wanted to get something out to a wire wider audience back when he was younger he was teaching at Chicago's in Chicago seminary if you wanted to get something out to a wider audience. There was a limited range of options. He recalls publications like common wheel America and the national Catholic reporter. He's just citing three of the biggest publishers of Catholic material were about the some of it all were very left-leaning. He said they still are which meant that. If you you had to write in a way that please the editors of those journals now on my YouTube page got more subscribers than those three combined people who had a conservative viewpoint and by that. I don't mean a radical viewpoint. I mean a center or centre right viewpoint disease. Very main stream guy here, a mainstream Catholic guy, and he said, he he he couldn't get published before you couldn't publish his actual opinions. So the promise of new media was that you could now go directly to the people will does the promise is not being kept because they sold themselves as a. Way to go direct to consumer with free speech. You your own YouTube page, you're on Twitter feed your own Facebook page and all of them are going back on their promise, and they are censoring people and kicking them off. So what's next Derek in west Bridgewater mass? I think we need a law. That says you cannot censor anybody mean you've got that blocked by you can block anybody you want. But no Facebook Twitter that's kind of like the town square. Now when they censor people. That's I believe that's against first amendment. I get centered on Facebook all the time. I mean, I got Facebook. You know, if I put a joke up one time about how the black guy virgin gutter black is, you know. But I I like the. What is it that the holy grail? You know comedy. I do. I just try to be funny. Just funny on Saturday Night Live you've been through this because they didn't like you were identified the left. Do they can control their content. But so you're making an argument Derek that it's the public square, and it's like a public accommodation is that what you're saying. Exactly. And you can block people don't wanna read it. Right. You don't have to have Facebook telling you what you can read what you can't read. Derek thanks for the call eight hundred three eight five two four eight six six. Wake up and text. Text and eat. Tax didn't catch the bus, text and miss your stop. Taxed and be late to work. Sorry. Text in work. Text and pretend to work. Text. The next surprised when someone calls you out for not working. Who me text and meet up with a friend. You haven't seen in forever. Text texting complain that they're on their phone the whole time. Text and listen to then complained that you're on your phone the whole time. Text in whatever. But when you get behind the wheel give your phone to.

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