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The quality of candidates and listing, but Said. It's just one of many steps needed to reach true equality within the military. There continues to be a problem with white supremacy within the military bias and bigotry and white nationalism that needs to be be addressed. Those who supported Trump's Band said transgender individuals are more expensive to support an impact unit cohesion. Among those quick to legally challenge the ban. Ryan Karnowski of Edmund's, the lead plaintiff in Karnowski versus Trump, who told me the likely now throw out the case with the band now reversed. I think that it's a Significant step to correct a very significant wrong transgender advocacy groups say they're roughly 15,000 transgender people serving in the military for those like Zane said to transfer to JB Ellen later this year, it's a day for joy. And relief. It would just be nice to serve and just exist and be a soldier and not have to worry about tomorrow In Seattle, Patrick Quinn come on news. Dramatic expansion of tiny House villages has been proposed in Seattle. This would rely on private donations comes Matt Markovich explores the issue with City Council member Andrew Lewis, who represents much of downtown Seattle. Homelessness, state of emergency in the sea. Is worse than it's ever been. Even after hundreds of millions in tax dollars have been spent on the homeless emergency that was declared five years ago. Our parks and write a ways in the city had become campgrounds out of the Necessity of having such a large population instead of allowing parks to become campgrounds living in a tent in Seattle, especially in the winter is miserable. Council member Andrew Lewis is calling upon big donors to put a private money to more than double the 311 tiny homes currently in the city. Nearly 800 had he benefited from one being around. Other people who are sharing the same struggle is important. You suddenly don't feel like you're the only one There are eight villages inside Seattle City limits loses proposal would raise it to 20. The City Council has okayed 40, but there's not enough money for that Mayor Dirk and supports expanding tiny home villages, said her spokesperson. So where does this fit in with the regional Homeless Authority? Yeah, That's a good question matter because the regional homeless authority was supposed to be up and running by now to handle all things. Homelessness throughout Seattle in King County. But the governing board has yet to even pick a CEO and loses proposal involves just Seattle, but eventually we would consolidate it. So these villages that can county is operating and the villages the Seattle's operating, they would all be merged into one large shelter system locations have not been determined. Moot point if big donors don't step up, and it's going to take a village to make a village that's couples about Markovich. Starting today, international travelers heading to the U. S will have to show proof of a negative Corona virus test before being allowed to fly. The rule applies to everyone. Ages two and up. The test must be taken no more than three days before boarding a flight. Another way to make sure you're good to go is to prove recovery from the virus within the past three months. The new restrictions come as covert 19 claims the lives of some 420,000 Americans and has infected over 25 million.

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