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He had a very serious injuries and has recovered to be heavily involved two touchdowns. He's going to be a touchdown dependent tied it. I think moving forward. Would you rather have we'll do Eric Hebron moving for oh. That's a great question. I think I would rather have we'll digitally. I think I'd go dizzy. They're they're very similar tiered players for me. Vance McDonald Donald Seven hundred thirty eight two touchdowns on seven targets. I guess it'll be like maybe maybe the last time you get a hit it who knows act yeah well. We'll see if mason leans on I was. That's what I was gonNA. Bring up. The touchdowns were from Mason Rudolph Maze. It seemed to be looking his way. I think he's a guy that it's really interesting going forward. That's not to say he's got a higher ceiling without Big Ben but I think that Vance is very very interesting. I'd be looking to hold them in. Whatever you do don't throw to Dante Moncrieff. It is selling bench. It's so all important as a person just for your own psyche not to throw the ball to him. I think that the transition has tap and know it'll it'll be James Wash not and moving forward not only that but keep in mind James Washington I mean James. Washington is a Mason Rudolph favourite. They what's the holidays together. If you look at the preseason from from yeah you're right. Mason Rudolph has dominated preseason or Excuse me James Washington has dominated preseason. That's right going never seen before Mike. You've talked about in years past and you've been correct that when the backup quarterback comes in oftentimes oftentimes it's more of the backup wide receiver that he's practicing with day in day out. I expect Mason James Washington to be decently relevant all right. I think Greg Olsen by the way don't forget about that Thursday night game six for one ten waiver show tomorrow we'll bring up some names and where he gets the Arizona. That's not fair. I'll say this I mean Arizona's defense. They were in that game just three to twenty three to seventeen ball game. They were put in this position where I was so frustrated because they couldn't contain Lamar Jackson ax and then I remembered its Lamar Jackson like they're not used to facing that but they had a pretty darn good game considering what we had seen Miami do the week before short my point was let Mark Andrews Gimme a break the tight end position hockey lease will sort of who who TJ Hopkinson Week one ball out against the cardinals Arnold's Mark Andrews bald out against Zuber annoying to watch Mark Andrews be opened for every I down all game long so you're right and so we'll see what happens next week with him in time to move on stinkers of the week presented by odor eaters. These guys stunk it up till check yeah seriously. You know it's easy easy to overreact get a week to a seems like the same amount of overreaction is happening. Some of these performances fantasy football football is very subjective game. You don't have control over so many factors whether it would be those illustrated by injury this week with major players going down and impacting those performances or just the ebbs and flows of the game the way Sammy Watkins was a beast last week couple bombs. Don't go his way this this week. Zandt makes Sammy Watkins worst player. No not really is just the way that goes and if you one of the things that we've put a lot of time and effort into that's part of being a member of joined the foot but is also in the UK is the consistency chart and Jason Works to build these things out each and every year where you can glance at one screen green NC each and every week performances and whether they finished in the top five or the top twelve or outside of that range. You're not going to find very many players. You're talking a handful at each position -sition that really provide consistency on a week to week basis. You're playing probability in your starting sits and you're gonNA have ebbs and flows and you need to kind of relax and realize that guys are going to have looking Christian McCaffrey. He's not any worse of a player this week than he was last week but the best illustration of consistency is a forty point week and is six point week from Christian McCaffrey as as a famous book. Brooks brought up once said what is the what's the phrase Brooks. Everybody poops. Everybody boos sometimes some tax rates. Every song hurts all right quarterback poopers. He's guys stunk it adopt. These are the stinkers of the week at the quarterback position we already saw Cam Newton but does Shawn Watson Sixteen for twenty nine. No passing touchdown kind of salvaged salvaged an absolute catastrophic week with a rushing touchdown one hundred and fifty nine passing yards. This Jacksonville is how good Pat Mahomes is because Jacksonville's a great defense like Jacksonville shut him down. This was not just that you know Dijon Watson and is in good or deandre. Hopkins isn't good. This was a tough match-up. We didn't WANNA believe. The Jacksonville was as good as they were because of what Pat Mahomes did to Jacksonville Week one. I think Jacksonville is a dominant defense that will still get torched by PAT homes. I I'll I think that they're a a really really good defense and but they have the ability to avalanche on themselves. I think that's what we saw. Last year to satistics at the end of the year they were a good defense vince last year but then they had these like handful of games where the the wheels fell off. They're yelling at each other their players getting thrown out yeah and so I think you know this was a good game for for them and they almost want it on the back of that defense so to Shawn Watson still running for his life. Laremy Tunsil has an ankle problem. He says he's fine but he has been not good enough but we're not scared like no now for why ham you gotta you gotTa move on right now. L. E. proves it to Shawn Watson. He's like a go trade for him. Off Of this performance Derek Carr did not show out twenty three for thirty eight one eight and one had to ugly picks and AH ugly count as two interceptions. What's wild is the raiders were winning this game ten zero and then in position a tube like put even more points on the board car was playing well. Yes to start the game and then everything just turn into a black hole and imploded on itself yeah the twenty eight th they have the black do have twenty eight points in the second quarter. Put them into a position that Derek Carr is entirely uncomfortable which is he can't come back. He just can't do do it. He cannot throw the ball downfield. This was a game where you know. I think that's the problem. That's the thing that's going to get Jon. GRUDEN pulling his hair out is it's it's underneath the renfro underneath to tyrel underneath the waller a lot and needs to feed him a bit more. what do you what do you think of the what happened with. Josh Jacobs where he was seeing a bunch of snaps to Jalen Richard is like you didn't get the full workhorse role that you we thought we had from Josh Jacobs after week. One I think he just has to do with the game script and putting Rashard out there on third down pass protection situation. I'm saying saying does that. Does that concern you about Josh Jacobs moving forward knowing that this this is what's going to happen. If the rates go down then Jacobs will be coming off the feel more and more twelve carries in this game still had ninety nine yards rushing the big like fifty. One Yard looked great on that Yeah I. I don't think it changes anything in a very pragmatic tangible way. There's nothing I'm GONNA do different. I'm not GONNA sit him because game scripts going to hurt the raiders from time to time they have Minnesota Indianapolis next both games on the road They're not facing mahomes again this week so I don't think that they played that as a team. I think they just got boat race in the second quarter and couldn't overcome overcoming even when it was twenty eight to ten they were down on the goal. I need through that ugly pick. It would have been a second touchdown for tyrel Williams in this game who seems very stable as the one in that offense show. Let's talk about my favorite stinker. Oh Gosh who's your favorite singer. My favorite speaker at quarterback was able to come up with US solid one hundred twenty money passing yards Mitchell trubisky. Oh talking about the game winning drive. You stink yes because he he did lead them on a game winning Dr. He did throw one pass. That was caught doing reasoning. This was a hard game to watch on both sides of the football. There's a reason he had to have a game winning so let's let's weigh in because we want to make one side of the fan base feel bad but I don't think they should have been granted that time out I don't I think that was a fair play on the with the one second. One Guy saw the end of that game. I think I don't think it was. I don't think he should have done. It seem like they time. It seemed like they ran out of time to me too but that to me if you're down one second and the you're calling timeout immediately. I don't know that it was really tight. Philip rivers kirk cousins also terrible games. Kirk cousins is not available right now not good not good for kirk cousins and Minnesota Yeah and rivers. you know Phil Burgers. Sometimes he performed sometimes he doesn't sometimes they lean on the running game sometimes. Heathrow's interceptions. He's a middling streaming option. Yes running back stinkers of the week. This one's unfortunate. Get your orders. Get Your House. Alvin Kamara thirteen for forty five has ever been in this list probably not I mean maybe once that thing. That's going to hurt a lot. Is I mean a lot. A lots going to hurt. I mean you know drew. brees change your whole offense but the reliance the chemistry on the receiving end for Alvin Kamara with drew brees. I'm I'm very concerned about this the only at three targets in this one reception it's gross we said throw. Tavis Marie Audi at five carries one catch not good but Alvin Kamara. What are you GonNa. Do you gonNA play Alvin Kamara. Yes he's too good Christian McCaffrey. You're GONNA play him. It doesn't matter if he stunk now Joe Mixing. He fought through an injury to get into this game pretty much put up a a stat line though he hadn't played. I mean eleven for seventeen three three for ten through the air. Geo just had six rushes. It was pretty gross overall. They have buffalo next week. That is not a good matchup for them on the road owed. You're still gonNA play him right. I mean I I was benching mixed unless we ask this week and this week he was coming off the ankle. You don't know how much he's actually going to be. I used that totally makes sense to bench him this week but next week another week removed from the ankle he is still the starting. You know workhorse running for this team. Presumably Ankle is completely. Find my then bad matchup. I wouldn't play real if I had options. I mean that's what it comes down to options options being like this. Let me let me illustrate if I'm sitting there going. Do I throw Mile Sanders out there in week three or do I David Montgomery out there and we three those are the kind of players you would have gotten laid eight that maybe you have the option of pitting of Brian of pudding mixing on the bench for it's a tough match up. I Dunno if the upside really there against buffalo if he practices law a week maybe that opinion changes but you know Mike. Would you be playing mixing over both of those players. I'd I side with you that I want to see joe mix and be a healthy and I want to see him be active in this offense as well it just they funny side tangent through two weeks. Andy Dalton is averaging nearly forty seven attempts a game if you if you want to continue that through the whole season though be seven hundred forty four attempts..

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