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Huh and solaar lewis for those of you on the west mall deployments of wireless is finding your house right you in one or two apps and you're you're fine but you end up on a campus situation where you might need fifty to one hundred access points do you have to be italian put wraps around and so you end up with running into things like density and speed and how do i control these webs do i have to use a controller or not the problem with controllers is now that adds another ten to thirty thousand dollars so i built mash at my house measures typically used in larger so at the palatial estate the surely surely compound that's right but i i bring this full circle back around to milwaukee now some of these companies and i think their products were just fine but you need to look at what is your ongoing costs when you deploy a lot of wireless so if you put out fifty to one hundred wireless access points and you are required every year to pay i don't know fifteen twenty thousand dollars or they don't work in these licensing and software fees be prepared for that figure that into your cost a lot of wireless does not require that you pay to play homar does not usually business wireless does yeah but not all business wireless so just gotta look at that like usually what you're paying for are things like active firewall services network scanning services i mean the like for.

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