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Shooting suspect arrested in fort mill. Police have arrested twenty two year old Jack L marquees Clinton of Lancaster. Authorities say the shooting happened just before four thirty on Saunders street when he got into an argument with twenty two year old Dimond. Davis. Davis was found shot in later pronounced dead at the scene Clinton was arrested on charges of murder possession of a weapon during a violent crime. Eight people have been arrested following another protest over the toppling of confederate monument, the university of North Carolina. The memorial known as silent Sam was toppled on August. Twentieth by protesters during an appearance on Saturdays. Fox News White House. National trade council director, Peter Navarro advocated for tariffs would terrorists have done. So far is actually stimulated tremendous amount of investment in this country in a. Tremendous amount of job growth, if you look at where the terrorists who've been place, so far solar dishwashers steel aluminum. And all those industries we've seen an influx of investment both domestically and from off-shore coming in creating new jobs, the US and China have both implemented tariffs on tens of billions of dollars of one another's imports and former President Barack Obama was in southern California to lend support for democratic congressional candidates. He spoke on the chance topic to restore some sanity to our politics and to put Democrats back in power in the house of representatives in sports app. State down the Charlotte forty Niners forty nine forty five to nine number two. Clemson had a narrow victory over Texas. A and Emma college station that scored twenty eight to twenty six East Carolina defeated North Carolina. Duke beat northwestern and the third ranked Georgia BULLDOGS beat South Carolina in tennis Naomi Osaka is the US open women's champion after stopping Serena Williams. Asaka road was six two six four victory to become the first Japanese-born player to win a grand slam event. A WBZ. We.

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