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Governor on every time I see it Every two weeks. He's trying to take your guns away. Right President also talked to minority voters in Atlanta and in Miami today, Princess continue in Louisville, Kentucky, after none of the three police officers who were charged in the fatal shooting of Briana Taylor were charged in her down. Just this was my third. The police would have definitely been and died for the murder of Rianna Taylor Harris Jefferson was among the demonstrators. Florida Governor Rhonda Santos is lifting covert 19 restrictions on businesses any suspending finds. We're not wearing masks. Meanwhile, the ongoing tally by Johns Hopkins University finds there are now more than seven million covert cases in the U. S. You're listening. To ABC News. Arizona's new station used Asian Jr on Air 92 3 FM online at dot com and streaming Live on the air. New Zap your Breaking News and Traffic. It's 702. Good evening. I'm Deborah Dale. And Here's Our Top story. Arizona votes. America County Recorder Adrian Fontas is suing the secretary of state to allow people in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted care facilities to vote in November via video. The secretary of state wants the same thing and even has come up with guidelines. But Governor Ducey opposes those guidelines, saying they can't be vetted 39 days before the election. Those guidelines would permit residents to vote virtually via video with the help of special election boards. 10 people in Maricopa County cast their ballots via video in the August 4th primary. Maricopa County has broken a new record. But this time it's not because of extreme heat miracle. But county has reached 2.5 million registered voters, thanks to 200,000 registrants that have registered in 2020 or so did all your meeting People. Diana Solo DEA with Maricopa County Recorder's office adds that because of this, we're checking a historic turnout for November. GENERAL election. If you haven't already you can still registered to vote. The deadline is October 5th visit registered Baruchel, but vote for more information. Gabriel Dominion Air News. Are you seeing smoke in the North.

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