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Stay in the sun where I'm fine good morning everybody happy Thursday. Thursday. Yes. And she never closer to up. AFC NFC championship weekend can't wait Sunday park myself on the couch. How good is that going to be? Are you going to do that? You haven't had a Sunday just, well, did you do it last Sunday? Did you just park on the couch? And watch football over the weekend? Yeah, yeah. Okay, good for you. All day serious. Good for you. Good for you. How are you doing? I'm doing. How's your birthday dinner? My birthday dinner was tremendous. Just housed a bunch of tacos. With the grandkids. My grandson made a mud course on his little his little high chair table. Out of beans with his really likes the cars, the movie cars. Lightning McQueen and Doc. And so he had like a whole, he's just running his cars through beans. Nice, yeah. Oh yeah, it was a mess. It was great. Sometimes when you look at kids doing isn't that part of you go, oh man, that looks fun. Yeah, look at it. I like to do that. I'd like to play with my food. Yeah, just as no. Not interested in the beans. But just funny. McQueen through the butt and the mud, the mud hole. So yesterday morning, late in the show, we were looking ahead to the nuggets, bucks game, with a lot of enthusiasm. Sure. Yo kitch, Yanis. Yeah. Showdown showed us. It's gonna be great. Two top two, in my opinion, the two best players in the NBA square enough. And then I looked at the line, I just happened to look at the line for the game and it was buck's -8. And I said to you, does that make any sense? That's weird. And come to find out the nuggets sat four starters, yogic, Murray, MPJ, and kentavious Caldwell Pope. Sent out the B squad. And predictably lost one O 7 9 9. Mark. The nuggets have become what we despise most about today's NBA. They are now a pick your loss, load management team. They're following suit. Yep. Is it smart? You get the number one record, right? That's the thing about it. I hate it. I hate when teams do it. And no longer can we mock players who come in here and sit on the second of a back to back or the first of a back to back. No longer can we mock LeBron James for Tapping out here? Because we've become that now. When you sit Nikola Jokić in a high profile matchup against Giannis, if I'm doing talk radio and Milwaukee this morning, first of all, soft. First of all, what happened to me? Secondly, it would be Nikola Jokić. Wow. What a wuss tapped out. Tapped out. Too scared. Too scared to go up against Giannis. That's what you'd be saying. And you'd be justified in saying that because those are the same things that we've been saying here for years. But now we've become that. To your question, yeah, it is smart. It is smart. It's such a long season. It's such a long grind. I even understand why they chose the Milwaukee game as the one to sit out all the guys because their rationale was probably New Orleans is a conference game. Sure. And of course it's probably the more important game because it's a conference game. So choose to play that one straight. And then we'll mail it in for the Milwaukee game. It was more physical back in the day. It was tougher back in the day. Nobody sat. There was no load management. So what's changed? Why do we have to, why is this the way it's become? Soft. It is soft. Because, well, it started this all started Greg Popovich is to blame. Because those great spurs teams who had veteran players, older players who just knew that every year they're going to be playing into June. They just looked at and said, we have to pick our spots during the course of a long season just to keep these guys fresh for the playoffs. So they would come into Denver on a second of a back to back and Popovich would sit Tim Duncan or Manu ginobili or Tony Parker and that was the idea behind it. But then it got out of control. And now it was all of a sudden teams that don't even have a chance to go into the NBA Finals. I haven't been to the NBA Finals or haven't gone through the long, long grind. They're just choosing to rest their players. And it's a problem, Adam silver, the commissioner of the NBA's admitted, it's an issue because you have whether it be fans who pay a lot of money for tickets, TV partners who spend a lot of money for TV rights and you get these games where you're promoting star players and they're sitting over there in street clothes. Yeah, one of the things you're going to have to do and this will be interesting to see how this happens. Whenever their next collective bargaining agreement is up, are there television that collective bargaining but their television agreement is up. Yeah. Because what ends up happening, I'll tell you what ends up happening on the on the television side. Let's say you're ESPN, for instance. And you have, you have a contract with the NBA, right? You promised your advertisers certain rating. So you say, hey man, we guarantee we guarantee a two share or whatever. And then all of a sudden, they've got a marquee game on a Saturday that's going to be nationally televised and three stars set out. So now all of a sudden they can't get that too rating because people tune out. So now they've got a 1.6 rating or whatever it is at 1.4 rating. And what ends up happening is they have to do a bunch of make good commercials. So they have to give their advertisers a bunch of free commercials. Eventually what's going to happen is they're going to say, if we don't meet our ratings in those situations, because you guys choose to do load management, then that is going to come out of your television contract. Ultimately, the biggest takeaway from the nuggets doing what they did last night is it is a good sign because it means they have now arrived as a team. That expects to be playing into late May in June. And when you got a guy like Nikola Jokić, you carries such a burden and plays so many heavy minutes and will be counted on and playing exceptionally heavy hard minutes in the playoffs. All right, so then you do this stuff and so it's a sign of how the nuggets view themselves. Which is actually a good thing. So they have expectations. That means you should have expectations. That means there's expectations on the organization, which means if you don't make the NBA Finals,

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