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And that's really a simple way of putting it but isn't using. Favoring making who above making sex holman's. That's another thing too guy. And then all we having so much Suga that is being a lot of testosterone is converted into eastern another thing to consider and then these than east regions plastic for the wound. And are they having a knock on effect? This is what I've been seeing in the research and reading a lot about, because again, I think we, as you said, females begun think about his Australian. Sorry, guns, you don't monopolize that hormone and we really needed it. So important important phone, how it's important for skin in Stasi is important. Full nubrik -ation. It's important for a lot of things. So I would look at the starting point is always looking at all you getting the right building blocks in and use stressing fraught much. Can we do something to change those things as. The starting point. And I think that's always my starting point with holman's because although woman's extremely complicated enough, any simplified them here, the actually extremely complicated and into woven webs. But if we stopped ringing in the building blocks that we need, we start bringing in the lifestyle changes that we need. A lot of things can be rectified on knees that on that for you. It does. I think that something you said is something we should all have top of mind is understanding that the body prioritizes things that are needed for survival, and in the body's mind, we do actually need stress hormones, adrenalin cortisol in the right amounts because that keeps us alive. That's what activates our fight or flight when we need to actually run from something that's dangerous. And so those the body will prioritize those hormones over things like reproduction which are not vital. If you are starving being chased by something or in a life or death situation, or even digestion, which is it necessary if you need to run from something, you can turn. That offer a few minutes. And so I think the key is and you can probably speak to this better than I can. But even if we don't quote unquote, feel stressed, stress doesn't have to be just like mentally, like feeling very stressed out from the bodies perspective. If the body is feeling stressed, even if we think we're fine because I have, for instance, I'm recovering perfectionist. I'm very Taipei. I feel great when I'm under stress I thrive. I get stuff done. I'm on top of my game, but my body is suffering from that. And it took me a lot of years to realize that that the body stress as lack of sleep, too much exposure to blue light. Like you mentioned too many plastic chemicals that are in our lives. All of these factors, the body interprets as stress, even if we don't feel stressed. So this is perfect. We've come full circle back to the stress and cortisol equation and how busy we all are. So can you just go a little bit deeper on that and explaining some of the ways that we can kind of take that stress away from the body, even if we don't feel stressed. Esotique yesterday, the flooding clinic as well and unharmed. He said, you are recovering perfectionist. Exactly. Like I am as well. I, I see this a lot in connect with people, say fighter and feel stress. And then I might just dive a deeper than who some example. An example instances, if someone is trying haunted, lose weight in the Condie's weight that is on their mind continues today. If they are exercising excessively, ridiculing the gym all time that hasn't not negative effect on the body actually knocker event where it becomes a stressful Stresa for the buddy. Oh, if the easing a, that's pro inflammatory and this extra information about inflammation is renting potent. We need information. If we didn't have information about of heating would not happen. However, inflammation should be like a Campbell. And what we have in the Muslim world is a raging run fire. And so inflammation causes stress on the body, high sugar Foods Co..

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