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The community reach on their world. No change your own at unbound dot org. I'm Mike chilled. Stub USPS? I'm channel two action is meteorologist Brad Nitz with most accurate and dependable forecast through the overnight and early morning hours of Sunday headed towards the low near sixty seven periods of showers and storms off and on through the night and through the day on Sunday with a high of seventy six then sunshine returns on Monday some early morning clouds than clearing turning breezy with a high of seventy five and then for Tuesday, mostly sunny, low fifty five high seventy five recipes storm tracker radar shows. Heavy rain across metro Atlanta, really intense and severe in places. It's sixty seven degrees on Peachtree street at two thirty five. I'm Charlie O'Brien News ninety five five and a m seven fifty W fee. Depend on it. And welcome back to handle on the law. Hey, ramone. You're welcome to won the law. You're alone. Ramon. Can I help you? Here's what happens is since we have to lay because you people tend to use. All those dirty words, aren't Ramone, you're about to go into history. One two three. Nearest bidder. Okay. Ramone is gone. Yes. Oh, cindy. Hello. Cindy. Yeah. They are good for you. All right. What can I do for you? Yes. Oh, my call. Let's roll tax side might be ler dominator was rolled back by your dealer is flush car dealer. It's kind of kind of peeler mechanic. Ago. I. Tittering him, and I fifteen hundred dollars down and I made a five months. I made came at making payments and applied into it. I got into talk then an opponent and the other party. It wasn't my people and unemployed. The contract and turn out that few hundred twenty-five mile and seven hundred twenty five miles. Okay. So the car had how do you know, the car had two hundred and twenty five thousand miles set of one hundred twenty five thousand how is that aspartame? Yes. Other parties the defense attorney. Doc and the call was from Texas originally from Texas. That's okay. So that was so there was a record of the fact that it was sold at one hundred twenty five thousand miles, and when you got it or it was record that it was two hundred and twenty-five and you bought it thinking one hundred and twenty-five is that correct? All right. When you said defense attorney where was the lawsuit? It was it wasn't long. It was such a personally easily case I.

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