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Really story wise but you'll so enjoy ably immersed in this world that has been completely realized down to the tiniest detail and you believe in it totally and there's so many charismatic performances in it and this if you know the several in the new on as well but not quite the same you know there's no one quite as good as there's no one quite like grandpa to sorry there's no one quite as good as daryl hannah or rutger hauer or shoe on young all the guy that place jf sebastian williams sandison you know there was this so well draw on those characters i think and they don't rubbish in in the new trump just know the notice memorable but maybe this just because i saw when i was thirteen and it made such a huge impression but the other thing with the new one was that the music i don't think did the same job jobless that original van a skull and i haven't read too many reviews of the new on so i don't know if i'm just pirating stuff that all the reviews have said or not but i really missed the van gallis music that's just one of the best scores ever really it's like a whole character i think in the original movie that score enables ridley scott to get away with so much because the atmosphere creates his completely irresistible when the opening shot of los angeles all darkened infernal plumes of flame in the distance beautiful models skyline that they created so brilliantly and then you hear that that main title theme that van gallis theme the sweeps of synthesizer that resolve into this very stirring quite simple theme this tune and call it up for my firm.

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