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I guess what does the P in PT cruiser stand for personal transport transport, personal transport cruiser? Prime primetime. That would be really is kinda would've efficient painting by Pablo Picasso false false. It was painted by Leonardo DiCaprio, and how many cups cups in a pint Bobby you didn't win the money but just for playing today. You got a pair of U dub, husky football tickets provided by WS ECU credit union. Also, get a hang out with Jose and get free food at their new you district location. Okay. Cool. Thank you. Do you want to know when that is? I assure right October nineteenth from four to six. That's right. From four to six. Thank you. Hang out any food. I'm there. Is going to be there. Eating probably all the free food. This is real. Always offered at the end of one free, food and football sounds really fun. And we just made it sound really pretty late for food and football's always very awkward. Suppose always awkwardness tailgating sounds like a party that I've been to many times, I've never had an awkward moment was always awkward for me. Cheer on the football. The team which team are you? Happy to see here. Nice. Z awkward. Tailgating with you. Same time tomorrow..

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