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They tell you really well, the build up really really, well, I didn't the build up was great like, for example, when he was working on the, Dan. Evans campaign. No idea who the hell this guy is now, you know. It was interesting. I didn't realize how well liked. He was he was doing fairly well politics and his I oh, it was interesting. He built for politics kessel. Unfortunately, when you're out there in the world mixing with these politicians half of them got fucking bodies in their base and half them jerking off just thinking about if they did. I I mean mean who who knows knows what? what's happening to the bathrooms at News Corp. But it's interesting because they interviewed his buddy. And I forget his name. Now he's much older now. But it basically was the dude who got Bundy into politics, and it was the guy who had he had a beige Volkswagen that guy like she and put the whole thing seemed interesting to me because that was Donald that's that's who Ted Bundy was emulated Bundy wanted to be or at least it was like that's a person that's respected or thought that was interesting in that guy loved tell them that story is like, you know, Fundy he got the idea for the Volkswagen pugs from me. We'll all like that. Don't all fucking like that that sheriff from Tallahassee that that whole rundown of that guy is cream in his jeans trying to talk about how dangerous Ted Bundy wasn't that ma- the incredible work that I did were they just mopped up. Everybody else's fucking fuck ups essentially by the end, they did good cop work by tracking him down. But still right whatever one thing, I will say. I'll take back for also Ted. I take away from this series to Ted Bundy is not even attract enough to be an actor. He's really not that attractive. I don't know. I mean, if you look at the the do that that picture the courtroom picture where they do the sketch where they went. But when they were looking for him when he was just Ted when they were looking for him. And you realize like, oh, it's true. They all mentioned that he had one eye higher than the other and one was closer to his nose. And when you see the picture he'll just like that police sketch, and you're like, oh, wow. I can never see him the same ever again that focus up on his eyes boat being fucking on even he looks all fucked up. But you know, I will say he does have a chameleon like face, and that's why he was able to just turn his hair ever, so different. And everyone's like who is that new guy in town. And it'd be like it's the same guy from yesterday. Well, that was the big thing with Ted bundy's that all of the sketches looked wildly different from each other. You know, people that saw him on the same day even gave different sketches of Ted Bundy, right? And even. But that's the thing is that when the sketches started coming out after the girls disappeared from lake sammamish. So ma'am, ma'am, lake semantics when he kidnapped and killed two women and one day, his friends, we're looking at the sketch and the paper, and that's the thing is that like it will it said this guys named Ted Wright, here's his sketch. He drives a Volkswagen bug and all of his friends were like, oh, it's like you jed, right? And you have a full swing. Volkswagon bug looks like you. But the funny funny. So over taken by who was because I mean, really, it is he was horrified charming like he was able to fool people like over and over and over. I mean, he always able to convince people he had a he had a problem with a yacht on dry land. Yeah. But but the worst, but really the worst part of of the the docu series, and you know, and I didn't get to to see the whole thing. But Anne who is my research assistant for the book. She sent me an article last night that said that they don't talk about any of the murders in any detail whatsoever. No, the no do they jump around the time line quite a bit. Yeah. They again, but they mostly stress to be honest. How good he was it serial killing thing about the documentary that I don't I understand..

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