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I mean, it's always like the one person like Christina. Like, it's always archetype. So. Minute advice to new Knesset would be don't even talk about like, oh, if this person like never mentioned like that person because they're the ones that they're for sure going to get the rose and not us. So just don't even curse to yourself. But yeah. Otherwise, Catherine she was pretty tame with the way she was doing it wasn't like she was this huge villain. It was just they didn't have much to show. So not because they needed everyone else to come and talk. How much did you hate her and on yoga's conversation because I hate it. Oh, yeah. Here's my advice who gives a shit what she's doing again, you're frustrated, but just there's no point because. They just both kind of like they just want each other up. Yeah. Right. Look on either of them because she tries to put these little digs in. They're like, oh, you're probably desperate. Yeah. It was very uncomfortable. That was after time three. Yeah. So maybe had a point. But again on the echo just going. Go you go and talk to him. We're going someone else to talk to him and just nor her. Yeah. Who else were there any of the women who accepts a Slough gotten eliminated that you were sad to see go or do? We just not see enough of them to really say. Honestly, everyone else. I'm kinda like. Yeah. I liked Tajon. I think she has some good like she was like exclusively just kind of kept it real in her. She is so pretty yeah. She was gorgeous. She was limited. Do you see any? So we lost night. One. Tajon Revie Revlon. Cinderella sloth, Alex. Laura, and then I'm just realizing now the person who didn't even write down in my notes. But there was this brunette who has like who is that. And that was Jane so. Jane was eliminated. But I don't think we ever saw her. Well, she had the dog photos. So she I don't remember. All right. She Photoshop her dog with his dog. Yeah. That was a bad news like a little to form like that. Don't. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly show your own dog. I'm sure you have tons of pictures of it. Yes. So yes, she put her dog next to his dog like they're so cute together. But it's a little a little much, but we didn't get any like. Answer to the story of why her name was gene Adrian, and then we lost the Torella and Devon so let's see. So that is seven who left is that right? Twenty three two. Five seven yet. See we lost Laura who had the same. Dress didn't seem to be a huge storyline. But you know, one of them had to go of these seven is there anyone who you see getting that. They're going to be the random person that shows up in batsman paradise. Is it a lock for the sloth? Yeah. I say, Alex or tashaun. Yeah. Righty? Stood out. I feel like oh, God anything also sitter. It's not really like the preview. Exactly. Like it. Always does. Yeah. We see him. Leaping over that fence. I'm so excited for that. I just have to now. Yeah. I thought that it was like the fence outside bathroom mansion or something. I thought I was going to have an earlier on. But it looks like outside some, you know, somewhere there might be staying. Yeah. And then they show the woods and he's nowhere. Oh, I love it. I'm very into that looks like they go to some cool places and. They are trying to make it seem like his big fear is someone not being ready. So I feel like some of these younger contestants really. Neuro twenty two they might not be ready. Exactly. Yeah. And that was the criticism of him as well. Coming in that people are worried that he wasn't ready. So yeah, that might get him emotional as we go on here. So, but I couldn't really glean anything in terms of like who for sure is sticking around who's not. So that's good. I feel like it can give too much away. And let's dive into our questions. Let's do it. I'm I'm impressed at how many people. Sunan questions this early on? And remember if you have any long form questions, you can send them to bachelor Rahat up at.

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