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Flag and we tip off with the NBA on our first stop America's heartland where the defending champs were looking to extend their winning streak to a Baker's dozen badly cross over into a lane dropped off the CD the dog by the room he's got seventeen and the raptor go up ten with one forty six to go Paul Jones the call on raptors radio the rafters with their thirteenth straight gaining the beat the Pacers one fifteen to one oh six Serge Ibaka twenty two points ten rebounds elsewhere jazz over the Blazers one seventeen one fourteen is Utah staff their five game skid kings over the heat one oh five ninety seven sons one twenty seven rockets ninety one it was a solid silver hawks one twelve one oh seven the thunder beat the pistons won a we wanna wanted wizards one nineteen Mavericks one each team the Sixers beat the Grizzlies one nineteen one oh seven college basketball number nine Maryland over number twenty Illinois a seventy five to sixty eight not a baseball during an interview with MLB network that aired last night former Astros manager AJ Hinch took responsibility for his role in the sorry stealing scandal you did the interview so he could issue a proper apology there's something different about doing it on camera and put in a face to an apology and saying I'm sorry to to the league to the to baseball to the fans to the players to the coaches I was the man out front and I felt like it's my responsibility to to put my voice out there and tell a little bit of the story according to the Wall Street journal in internally Astros organization introduced the science dealing plant in September of two thousand sixteen the program was called code breaker was designed to to code opposing catcher signs NHL the wild over the stars three two blue jackets to read we stopping me police over the ducks five four in overtime and the Sabres beat the Rangers three to two golf Nick Taylor the lead after two rounds of public each program the XFL kicks off today with a couple of games Seattle in DC.

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