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Sometimes bigger than a football field. What i guess. Nobody'll not alarming. The black tigers spacecraft and You know once you see one you read about it. You see a bunch and then i think most recently you know from the military sightings half going against the windsor a all but if there's a good thing it's an object in one of the various color tic tac and so people have starting about started talking about the tic tac. Ufo's like as if it is a thing as strict category so yeah i think it's just our nature to fit things into that which is so interesting because my assumption was that it would immediately the tic tac thing would get drawn to the sort of historic cigar. Ufo the cigar shaped thing but they seem to be persisting disagree. Objects if you will. There's not a lot of overlap in this sort of lore happening between the tic tac and unlike the metallic cigar that seems very popular in the late fifties and early sixties. That one was paid for by big cigar in. This one is for big tic tac. Okay so these two thousand for word. Two thousand and fourteen and fifteen and two thousand and nineteen tic tac sightings were recorded through the instrument panels of us navy fighter jets aboard the uss and us theodore roosevelt off the southern california coast and official reports. They are described as in a long gated eg or a tic tac that is solid white smooth with no edges and uniformly colored with no wings. But it gets weirder. This footage was leaked by a ufo. Research group started by a guy from blink. One eighty two if you ask me. That's the weirdest fact in this whole episode but it does get to see her so in late twenty seventeen to new york times published three videos and the world has just been waiting for a big report that came out one hour before we recorded this on friday june. Twenty fifth okay. Let's get to the report that was just released today again. I cannot believe. I'm talking to you both on this day. We've waited generations. Perhaps for this. Can you tell me what so far. You've been able to glean from it sir. Have you taken a look at it yet. I have yet Let's see in. Its nine pages from what i understand. Yes it's nine pages in. It looks like they looked into a hundred forty four different reports And were only definitively able to explain one of them only one which was a deflating balloon. I believe in kate. Please correct me. If my memory of this thing. I just read this wrong. And at the the rest of them they were not able to definitively identify but they were able to fit them into five. Potential categories are imagine fitting potential categories of basically Trash sky i think langa actual trash or drones atmospheric phenomena. Us technology for in technology. And then what they call the other all category and of the one hundred forty three reports that they couldn't pin down there were eighteen different incidents and twenty one reports that seemed to perhaps display some kind of advanced flight characteristics. But then they said you know that could be some kind of sensor malfunction or personal misperception in that they need to dig into it more so to recap because numbers hundred and forty four reports and they knew what one was. It was blowed the other one hundred forty three. Were just big. All shrugs that could have been garbage or drones but about twenty seem to fly really weird at really fast making the experts. Say i guess. The biggest conclusion of the report for me and then alternative over to kate is that they they don't know they think people are seeing real things. They catch them on sometimes. Multiple sensor systems. They don't know what most of them are. they want to investigate for. They would like to have funding in systematized with for people to report and investigate. What's going on got it. Yeah i think that's a pretty good pretty great summary so important to note that they're only looking at reports that have come from. Us government sources Which is pretty self selective. This has always been the case like when we look at these government reports They have been very self selective and for the early years. Were really just military and governmental personnel. They only expanded outwards sort of in the project. Blue book days okay so these are investigated sightings seen in reported bring government personnel. Not like your cousin who lives in a yurt and drinks his own pee but project blue book. What was that. So between nineteen fifty two and nineteen sixty nine the us air force investigated analyzed over twelve thousand incidents of ufo's what we now call uap unidentified aerial phenomena and they finally concluded. No ufo reported investigated at a valuable air. Force was ever an indication of threat. Tore national security. If found there was no evidence submitted or discovered rather air force that sightings categorized as unidentified represented technological developments or principles beyond the range of modern scientific knowledge and that there's no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as identified. Were extraterrestrial vehicles. Even back then there were some believers like former marine corps naval aviator donald ki-ho and author who was considered a leader in the field of. Uf all aji in the fifties and sixties. Who disagreed with project. Blue book's mild. Nothing worry about findings. He wrote a book with really kind of wishy. Washy vague title called flying saucers are real major keyhole as author of the book. Flying saucers are real. What is your opinion of these new sightings of unidentified objects ruled respective airforce. I believe that some of them will prove to be of interplanetary origin. During a three year investigation. I found that many policies have described objects of substance and high speed. One case polish reported. Their plane was buffeted by an object with. Pass them at five hundred miles an hour. Obviously this was a solid decade. I believe it was from outer space but that was then and this is now but so these are sources coming coming from governmental sources. Uap sightings tended to cluster around us training and testing grounds but we assess that this may result from a collection bias. Which i think is interesting as a result of focused attention greater numbers of latest generation sensors unit expectations and guidance to report anomalies I've said it before. And i'll say it again. It is not surprising to me that these various government bodies navy and in many cases the air force have test craft right. They have these bases. They're doing all kinds of testing on various kinds of technology manned and unmanned and we should want them to report the things they see. We should want them to tell us if they're anomalous performance in their own aircraft or in the aircraft of others or if they're having strange physiological reactions to things but i do think that it's worth pointing out that the sightings tended to cluster around testing grounds and other sorts of places. But again this is you know i've been people have been asking me for weeks what i expected someone who's read a lot of governmental ufo reports in my day It pretty much. It's exhilarating to me and probably boring. everyone else. How.

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