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I got the call. Because i knew corporate well that traded colorado which i was at the time because i knew peer good relationship with pierre from previous years and they had a good team so i was happy at the time but i was note. Who call they call me but the thing is my my wife was pregnant and she was getting giving birth like right right there but because i was pierre was nice enough to say you know what stay stay with your wife and your baby because you can't even play any way you can't skate. You can't play so take the time that it's going to need to be there for her birth. Yeah so that was good. Then then. I joined the team at the end. The year played two games and the we beat dallas in the playoffs. First round then lost to i nine so that was kind of you mentioned joe. Sacco earlier playing with him. Just i mean we don't really you don't really hear much about other than you. Just quiet humble guy and you said you just year over us for as the best and i play with a lot of great leaders on me ron. What for me is the the whole time. Captain of team like i mean the way. He doesn't talk much but he's he's nice to everybody from the guy that works at the rink to your rookie to and he shows leads by example. Work super hard. He's in the gym night. Like for me. It was a great teammate. And you know. I'm sure he's the same as Gm but great teammate. greg player. He played even longer if he wanted to. So that was a good bunch of guys. Andrew brunette was there can. Bill was the coach saw. I loved it there now. A word from our friends at liquid death. You may start noticing there a strange tall boys of beer in the bottled water section of your local stores. Well it's not. It's actually mountain. Spring water from the alps in it's called liquid death the what's called liquid death because it will brutally murder thirst in the infinitely recyclable. Tallboy can't help to bring death to plastic bottles. They also donate ten percent of the prophets every cancelled the help plastic to help kill plastic pollution. I got a box. I thought it was malt. Liquor was slugged him down walking around the street people. I was like the local hobo but it was even better. It was freezing. Cold water from the alps that i was drinking right here in boston. The stuff is unlike any water drunk. Because this from australia it's unreal. Check it out. Go to liquid death dot com slash tickets to get a free set of cousy with your first order of any case of water or just grabs him at any whole foods or seven eleven murder that thirst. I want to ask when you really pot. While you're there was pita bu diet now but you you guys seem like total opposite guys just based on reputation flanders no like e such an easy going guy and you know like i'm easy going in my own way too but we have a good relationship it was i loved colorado and that's actually in my career. The biggest regret i add like i gamble on my contracts that paid off like when when i wanted to but when i left denver for washington they offer me or three year deal that i didn't take 'cause i played the same card that i did in montreal. I didn't like their numbers but looking back like that's one of the biggest mistake. I should've stayed in colorado. Where jeff was there that i knew you would help me. Tony granados stepped into the head coach. I was like this with tony because he'd been an assignment but the thing is when i was negotiating pure peer lack wa was hurt so i was negotiating with passwords guy. Got i was there two years. He's a lawyer was in the league for many years and they. They offered me good money. They were offering me three years ten point five but things. I'm like listen. We just beat minnesota the year. Before i said i just want minimum four million and i'll sign in building one but then it's twelve twelve o'clock for free agency. I get a call from Cadillac west best. Best friend is rene angelil which is cylinder. Jones husband at the time bruni was pierced. Best friend and rene in quebec. He's like a popular renown. Selene but so he calls me fifteen minutes before neda. 'cause i knew him a little bit but i knew i knew in pretty well but not to talk. He's like what's going on. You're not signing peer. Call me says they gave you a good deal. I said listen. Run out. And i'm going to sign if they don't i said your gun but but i knew in washington i knew i was getting four point five year so three five four five at four. I'll take less to stay there. So it is what it is and then i thought they would call back but washington just made the playoffs the year before right so i'm like this team. I'm going to win the cup with that team. So my my knowledge or my scouting was good on the team. I just didn't know bruce boudreau. I didn't know about that guy. So when he played with his goalie back and ford and this because i mean the team was great. I love washington was great. There's one quote. I didn't get along with was bruised. I was like what do you mean by take us know how to manage. Take the beginning of the relationship when you maybe new like this is gonna be different. Well okay so then. I don't sign in denver. Which again i regretted not only because of that because you know we love denver as a city the team and i think just i would've kept my game right there. Go to washington where super talented team. But i mean they don't know about defense and it is what it is especially when they were twenty one. I could tell you stories about It was it was fun time because we're winning. But right bruce. I other shut and i'm using montreal playing sixty five games and colorado with. Ken ville i frigging played. Forty out of the last forty five games which i like how to shuttle them not playing the knicks game like bruce viewing it. What's going on man because i cannot. What would the experience..

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