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Fill the rest of the audience in on what heaven's name is going on here. I've gotten a reputation for myself because when there's some hot topic in the news i release a free e book about it so it was the police. I got an e book on the police. If it's these crazy lockdowns. I got an e book on that when health care the i remember now that we have have had all the lockdowns cove and stuff. It's hard to remember things like several years ago. Healthcare was a really contentious topic like people were accusing you of wanting to murder. Tens of thousands of people because of your opinion on obamacare. So i released an e book and i have several e books of the style where the title is called. Is something like your facebook. Friends are wrong about healthcare or your facebook friends are wrong about guns and i just bought domain names that we're just sitting there so i bought your friends are wrong dot com. Why was that available. And i bought wrong about guns dot com and this has just been a blast so i also did your facebook friends of wrong about the lockdown. So i did all this. But i do it because it i mean. From my point of view it helps me scratch niche. When there's a contentious topic out there. I want to have the definitive answer. And you can can produce an e book and release it very quickly and secondly when you get the book which doesn't cost anything i give them away. You get on my mailing list. You think. I don't wanna get any emails yes you do. You want to get my emails. Because there dan all live forgot. Babylon doggone it. They're darn good and entertaining and full of meat you can use against some of the mid wits encounter online like that. I think what we know what. Why don't i give one away now if as long as somebody brought it up one of the things i've been doing over the past year is publicizing charts. Where all i'll say all right. Here's a here's here. All the midwestern states now one of them reopened completely on february. I can you pick out which one it is. And it's all we haven't labeled them now you would think if it reopened while according to the conventional wisdom. It's death number should be like this. I mean it should be the vertical line on the graph but as it turns out by an oddball coincidence all the lines look identical no matter what policy the state enforced and so i said well how about that. You couldn't figure out which state it was and yet you would have thought that state would be a giant graveyard. Maybe this should make you rethink your anyway. So i came up with an e book called cova charts. Cnn forgot so you. Can you can get that over at charts. They forgot dot com. So here's my e. book day. All right well okay. So another one from our superfan whose initials are 'em again What are you going to do. When they laminate the index card of popular opinion. Yeah so again. I'm going to be the. I'll be the one brief. And people might tagline is setting fire to or shredding the three by five card allowable opinion because as you may have noticed there are certain things that we are allowed to think and say and there are other things that if you think say them. Well you're backward evil anti-science whatever. The latest thing is so you're supposed to confine yourself to the debate framework that the new york times has graciously laid out for it so we can argue about whether we should have a top federal income tax rate of forty point three percent or thirty nine point one percent that they're perfectly happy if that's the kind of debate we're having but if we asked whether we should have a federal income tax now that one see that's not allowed you weren't you paying attention you're supposed to be debating this marginal fringe question or well should should the supreme court impose this doctrine on all schools and neighborhoods or that one. Now if you say well wait a minute. I don't think it's really up to the supreme court to do that period regardless of what it is see again. You're not really paying the new york. Times has an authorized you to think that way so certainly if we talk about nullification well they never approved that crazy idea. You're supposed to sit there as a conservative or libertarian. Your job is to be a good loser who just sits there and takes it while the left wing establishment. Doles out abuse. You're supposed to just sit there and take it. You're not supposed to resist. So i fight against that on the old. Tom would show and so. Yeah so i guess if they laminated that the card what would we. I guess it is the idea that that makes it fireproof hacking into pieces. There's some industrial strength shredders. That could little come on right. It gets scissors figure something out. Where america was mozart a red. I can't answer that one. That's a reference to murray rothbart. One act play about what it was like being an ayn rand circles. But i'll i'm going to let that one can we. Can we can rapid-fire. These anarchism is such a good idea. Why are there. No anarchist governments. Why are there no square circles. If circularity such a good i. I mean there are other. There is another form of that question which does get asked which is how come if libertarianism is so good why don't i find any libertarian societies. If there are a lot of answers to that question i some. Societies are more libertarian than others. I have an article somewhere online on on this exact question but.

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