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Harr. Because none of it was taken into account that one guy played in a pennant race on one hundred seventeen the other guy played nothing situation the entire year. Just discount that is is just not fair. It really isn't. Because baseball is not played under those conditions. It's just not fair. But again, it just comes down to a look at the war. And there's your answer Ryan's to talk. It. What's up, right? Mike. How are you go? What's happening? Not that. I I was listening. I listen. Guess I listened to WFAN all day when I'm in the car, whatever. And you're the only guy that themes that the fact I feel like I defended ally since he became a giant account Coughlan. I just don't know why he's so rep. So I I don't know. It's very convenient. First of all, it's always convenient to look for a change. And it's what have you done lately? And everybody wants greatness at every position. So they're comparing them to ally man, comparing him to Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and they want their quarterback Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and they don't look deep enough into the nuances of the game. Sometimes and I'm not talking about all of them. Obviously. I don't know who you're alluding to. I don't really care who you're listening to my point is that is absolutely the game is complementary. If you don't have certain things other things won't work the game is a complementary game. So if you're running game works, you passing games are easier. If you're blocking works, your your whole life easier. So I mean, it's a very it's a very very complementary game. You know, people are getting on Tom Brady right now about why is offense is working better. And Tom said, you know, listen, I have been Vata little bit by a couple of things that have gone on. I admitted I gotta do better. Admitting that even rattled by a couple of things. And this is a guy who very rarely very rarely is faced with anything that they can't handle brilliant brilliant coaching. Great culture championship coaching championship players. You know, has a great line coaches a history. Protecting me as one of the great head coaches in history complimenting him. So I mean, it just shows you a lot a lot of things going into it. And you know, it's it's not it's not a singular game. You know, you go to the batter's box by yourself. You don't make the play quarterback by yourself. You can't James joins us. What's up James? My James, Charlotte. James what's up? I wanted to see, you know, you just talk about I think the offensive line is the problem. So you need someone that's mobile someone that's comedy new that can give a spark. You see anyone? And you mentioned that is not that there. There's many Mike him, but then in a backup mode somewhere the giants maybe targets to bring in look to bring up rather than draft. Which is that you crap shoot. Nobody does nobody you can pluck and put into the position who is going to make up for the fact that you're offensive line's thinks. It doesn't work that way. Fix your offensive line. Whether you're gonna get ready lie or not fix your offensive line or these losses will continue. That's all there is still. What the head coach say yesterday. Hey, we'll be carried. I thought the offensive line did better. We'll get. We'll we'll be as good as the offensive line allows us to be. And I didn't even think the offensive line was good on Monday night. Other the offensive line did a little better job pass. Brockton. I thought they did not do a good job run blocking at all. I don't think they opened any holes for this kid. I don't think this kid's seen any holes. I mean, I can't remember a time this year with his kids had a, you know, more than one or two times kids had a massive hold or run through. Tom in Bergen county. What's up? Once again, my pain a longtime fan. Again. And I take my day was ball. Until the contract runs out. No significant changes made run by dot com. Jackets. I buy. Iran. Can we clarify something? They're run by a drug company. How are they run by drug company? Well, he doesn't have anything to do. With Johnson Johnson though. He's just makes he's just Johnson Johnson air. He doesn't have anything to do with the company. He's just gotten his money for generations. The money was produced by the stock in the Johnson Johnson company. That's all their first funds. It doesn't work for Johnson Johnson public company that has been a public company for a very long time. It has nothing to do with the company. I'm not sure what business. He if he's ever dabbled in a business. I'm sure he has. I would I would guess it had something to do an investing more than anything else. Wait, a Manhattan. What's up? Wait you doing here? The greatest. I got I want to propose a trade between the Yankee organization and the next. Okay. We would you'll never happen. But then go ahead. I'll listen to this. What do you think about and do har- for Huila? It's not a crazy would happen. It won't have one because I both teams. When was the last time they made a train. Well, quite a long time ago. I don't even remember to be honest and four, and it was a borderline nothing trade. So they don't make trades. There are deals that you could make an could be centerpiece of getting a good pitcher. There's no question Wheeler is not I am not ready to trust Wheeler as an automatic Asia. I'm putting Wheeler in the class of a kluber or someone like that. He doesn't deserve that yet. He's he was good for half a season. He was wonderful for half the season. But it was half the season. He doesn't yet. Get the redeemed of that way. If I were the Mets, and I the only way I could get my big bat. My big bet. Is the trade for it? I would say Syndergaard. But only for a really really premier player if I couldn't get a really premier bat. I'm talking about major player by couldn't get one. Then I wouldn't do it. But I would only trade him for because you couldn't get it for wheeling. I mean, if you could get it will take it. But you couldn't get it. I don't think anybody would be dumb enough to give it to you. No one's going to buy Wheeler off just a half a season. He's always giving you on that level as a half a season. So the God's got great ability. He has yet to show it on a full basis. What he's got great ability. He's got great stuff. There are people who would give you a lot gone. I can't see somebody paying you that kind of premium for for Wheeler, Robin Livingston what's up. Hey, mike. A lot of talk about the jets, you know, going after Levy on which would be a mistake. I was gonna ask you because I totally agree. I I, you know, those jet fans, I think he's gonna come here and be the Levy on bell that he wasn't Pittsburgh not happening. I mean, you can see that. I must say he's got a great back. Only he's only going to the jets. The only way is coming to the jets is if you overpay for them. And he will come here with the attitude that he just he just gave you the greatest gift in the world that he came here. Right. And you don't want him under those circumstances coming in and spoiling, your culture. He is already tried to spoil the culture in Pittsburgh. So I would not go near him. If on the jets absolutely go near him because he could ruin the culture here. Very quickly. Ebeneezer Brunswick, but survey high that's actually a great point you made about Leon gone. But my the thing I wanted to discuss her I wanted to hear from you about is we've Levy on and in recent years Antonio Brown, social media. Oh del with the because they've been going on with giant. My question is with all the things that are going on outside of six sacks and production from a player. What would it take for a coach to sit a player in today's NFL, and what factors playing into that? Why I you'd have to be more specific. Are you saying sit him for a non football related incident is that what you're talking about a Nonthaburi related incident. No, no NFL imposed. It would have criminal in nature. Criminal. Yes. For them to sit a star player would have to be criminal in nature, first of all places sociation wouldn't allow it. You would have to have a reason to do it. You would have to be able to utilize conduct detrimental to the team. And for that to to actually be something you could use it would have to be criminal either. Either would have to be against the team that you could prove it was against the team because every coach can use conduct detrimental to sit a player. Always can it's always a whole he can use conduct detrimental to the club. But he's got to prove it's detrimental to the club. Because he's gonna go hearing. Secondly, if it's criminal nature, you can do it. But if it's not criminal in nature. So it's something where it's just you didn't like something. He did you know, it's it's difficult, especially if he hasn't done anything like as you just alluded to impact the team. Paul in Connecticut. What's up? Am I called you last week about BC real quick? I think they did. Alright against Clemson considering the quarterback went on the first series. They got there. They didn't do it. Right. They came with it. They came within twenty dollars. That's what they got to be fair. They got nine yards rushing. I mean, they weren't in the same league. That's okay. This offense to that. I mean, listen, there's nothing clemson's a terrific team. That's not there's no there's no embarrassment of that. But let's be honest. They didn't do anything. Well. I mean, they they they did what they could considering what they had. I I wanted to ask you about the Cowboys because I've called you about deck, and I'm not the biggest guy, but I gotta say against the eagles think one of the better performances had I know he missed a couple of wide open throws. But he really after that stepped up in the second half and no turnovers on the road. I think it was a big win. The only bad thing is I'm I'm anti Garrett. And I think with every win they're gonna get to that eight and eight nine seven threshold. My understanding is he's not staying unless he goes to the playoffs this year. I think he might even have to win. They want Lincoln Riley from what I understand everything. I hear everything he coexist with Jerry don't make or not what are you always going to have to listen, he's going to have to understand that is going to have to give into Jerry. Otherwise, don't take the job. I mean, that's all there is to it. If jerry. It's not gonna change. Nothing's gonna change Flink and Riley. I mean, he's gonna come to the Cowboys. They're gonna pay him. Well, they're gonna let them run a system. They're going to leave him alone that way, but when Jerry wants a certain player on the team and players on the team. If he disciplines a player, and he's one of Jerry's favorites. And Jerry goes talks to them, and you tell them, hey, coach, you're undermining me you're talking to a player after I disciplined them not gonna work. Jerry does those things, and that's part of being a coach with Jerry as the owner Jerry is going to interfere, Jerry. You can't say to Jerry, listen, I need you to shut it off the back door from the players to your office. Meaning that if I disciplined a player, he can't go up the back door and go to you and complaint. Jerry says why you gotta understand especially relations with these players know, I can't work that way. Well, then tell him that on the way in because it's going to be a factor before too long. Because it's an absolute lock Jerry's going to interact with the players, and it's an absolute locked at Jerry's gonna want certain guys to play always going to say, oh, this guy's available. I gotta have him. Just like he had to have Tara loans..

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