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Postgame show we'll see you tomorrow morning here in Ames Iowa UK basketball faces Auburn coverage begins Saturday at four thirty one use radio eight forty WHAS hello I'm teddy about music director of your orchestra I'm so pleased to welcome guest conductor Roderick talks to look as he leads the local orchestra in the music of bronze and green and easy huge rising star twins so please to bring him to our city for performances on Friday and Saturday January thirty one in February one at the Kentucky center joining Roderick is piano soloist on a patrol in international touring soloist and piano professor at our very own you are now he's playing one of the best loved concertos in the entire repertoire and that's the concerto by Edvard Grieg the concerts also feature the great third symphony of Johannes Brahms and this show will certainly be an inspiring experience with your get your tickets today for Brahms third with your little orchestra call five oh two five eight four seventy seven seventy seven four visit local orchestra dot O. R. G. the priest here for sixty four years S. G. priest realtors have been one of Kentucky and is leading real estate companies with nearly ten thousand bought and sold homes in Canada call Steve or Brandon priest at two nine seven ten twenty that's two nine seven ten twenty or visit SG priest dot com view all willful and surrounding area listings when you think real estate think issue priest.

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