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Stay connected with news on the go. Go online on Alexa, and Google home on ninety three WIBC HD, Indianapolis gonna rely on you. It's a commitment to the truth. Muggy PC mobile news, all the level. The go. Oh. We're on our way closer to the five inch. Mark you're an indie thirty two snow showing no sign of slowing down. I'm Madison McGinley. Here's what's trending at three zero three while it doesn't seem like the snow is coming to an end anytime soon. There is an end in sight, the national weather service's Joseph Neil. Taper off of more permanently later on the evening. We'll see things. Come to an end later tonight into early tomorrow morning until then it is advised to stay inside. Unless you absolutely have to go out meth lab, Boston, Indiana, continue to become more rare. But Indiana state police say that hasn't stopped the flow of drugs in the state. Kurt darling reports state police, captain Dave Burston says they have been making more drug arrests in the last few years, thanks to new drug laws and most of them have been coming from traffic stops. They're typically not following the traffic was so we see them speeding wish the making Wayne changes, signaling we stop, and it's what we call looking past the ticket. He says the spike in drug arrests in traffic stops is because with less meth being made within the state more of it is being imported from Mexico. Kirk darling. Ninety-three WIBC mobile news, a crash on westbound, I seventy between greenfield and mount comfort has closed. I'd seventy near greenfield. There has been one person confirmed dead said, Indiana state police sergeant John. Marine places like hunger food Inc. Pantry gleaners. Food Bank of Indiana in the Saint Vincent, depaul food pantry are closed today. You can check out the full list of cancellations at WABC dot com. European an average of two fifteen per gallon at the pump today in Indiana says Gaspari dot com, it's.

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