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Remember about actor at the reason for that is why like if i go look at my rankings right now i have uh philip rivers of the fourteen thranked sanofi quarterback and that's a guy that had forty three hundred yards and thirty three touchdowns last year at a lot of turnovers and not running value but but there are just so many good quarterbacks that can put a good vantage point that if a reason why i won't pay a quarterback before the fifth round because i would much rather walled up on receivers and running backs with those early picture there's so many good quarterbacks available and i think that's what kind of pushes card down a little bit of there's some bigger name james and there's so many good quarterbacks out there that it it pushes is valued out he's a great value rafi droughts which is why receivers that were traded in the aussies weatherbys them back to surprenant cooks to do egeland semi watkins instead of rams that just happened jordan mathews to the bills uh i don't think uh uh watkins is going to have a huge impact it with the rams because there is concerned about is what at whether it will hold up for a whole season endured jared gough is this quarterback which doesn't give him off uh a huge upside and then with our map news it's the fame uh in cairo out here was a better quarterback than block but it's still a run heavy offense so i i think caught trash to be bob player the twitch teams have to add the the best fantasy season makamba nation of is just huge huge upside with a speed and claim with tom brady makes him the guy that should have a huge impact and panoply this year want to talk about saints players a particularly in the black and gold back field mark ingram and adrian peterson teamed up a dual really ill at least attractive is on paper looks pretty good how does the addition of adrian peterson help mark ingram my my adrian peterson is your you're talking to a guy who's thirty two years old who has well over 2000 kerry who i when we averaged about one eight one point eight yards per carry and very limited work i'm not sure that he he's going to be relevant and fantasy.

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