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Out more name there. But his call you out by name because you're cool. So. This Colton have the nickname. I don't know who's one who was the nickname because it's not me 'cause I'm not clever like that. Well, we always just kind of like think about. I mean, it's both me, and Jeff I mean, you help to you help to all right? All right. We gotta work on this. We gotta work on this whole to the abandoner. I don't know. Good. That's a little too on the nose, right? All right are big news talked about Stanley last week. So we're not going to talk about it. Again. What what the big news is. And especially if you're following Twitter hash tags and things like that. The big hashtag this week was danley after that though was detective Pika chew. Yes. Words that came out of my mouth. And there are a real thing. Nobody understand the wizard coming out of your mouth. So detective Pika chew is a live action movie based off of an intendo D S game where you know, what I was really skeptical until I saw this trailer. This trailer has me rethinking your priority choices and everything life, the meaning of it. And all things got quite profound impact. I mean, here's the thing. I don't love Ryan Reynolds. I just don't I don't like deadpool. I don't maybe maybe he has become deadpool and that is. That could possibly be it like he doesn't just play him. He is him. So that I mean that could be but I'm like detective Pika chew with Ryan Reynolds. I don't know about this. He's going to be too goofy. And yeah, you're right. It is deadpool. So the the premise of this movie is there's this kid who I say kid, but he books young. But everybody looks young me. Now this guy this kid was in a in a Netflix original show. Call the let down the letdown. No, it's it was some like. No, it's not the letdown. Something down the down blackout. No. It was a it was a show about like the rap movement in the seventies. And he played a little kid. That was like starting. The rap movement down. The lowdown is what it was called. It only got one season. He. He's he's a police officer. He's a legacy police officer now and Ken Watanabe with all of his gravitas welcomes it into the forest, and it's like wait can about Nabis in this. Okay. He's I mean, he's been not doing serious roles lately. But he's but in so he he's there. And then all the sudden you get detective Pika chew up. He get you speak into this guy's house, and this guy this new police officer can understand him like not just Pika Pika magic. He understands the words that are coming out of his mouth. Had to be to that one. Nick, nobody else does. And so that's kind of the running gag thing. Everyone just hear him say peco and things he's so cute. But as really Ryan Reynolds, so I expect any inappropriate jokes coming out of his mouth. So that just makes you think I wonder if like Pika chew in like ashes Pika CHU is actually just like swearing at him the whole time, right? How dare you do this to me? I I I don't wanna be trapped. I'm not your slave Pete capi. Yeah. Seriously. I'm I mean, I'm gonna watch that show at a whole new light. Now. Right, right. So yes, the detective Pika chew. I I like there's not much to say about it. Because there's only one trailer. There's only one trailer. No it looks. It looks great. And in some ways like while. I was watching it was like, oh, this is kind of like. Pokemon go super plus because you actually get to see like the VR or the augmented reality in actual reality is not occur to me. It's not a cartoon..

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