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Is that the minimum salary was seven thousand dollars. Now. It's five fifteen. Yes. But if you came up after joined the first it was six thousand dollars. That's what John told me when I was signing this contract talking today about signing it when I met him on the road, and I know. To let them know that I was making thirteen hundred Sacramento, and he's London said, no. That doesn't make that much difference. You go to play longer for less money. He didn't say less money, but tell me longer with with the Braves because I'm the season in Sacramento, but you're still playing for less. Like, they say the minimum salaries that's five fifty and you go up to the minimum salaries. I thought today was four four something for millions of one thing. I'm gonna say. That's been good today. I had enough time in the major leagues to get attention small ones. But. But. Salary. There was never a ball player in the minor leagues. Or the major leagues. That's all. They what he was making. And I couldn't understand. Why was it? They thought that they were making so much more than they or that they weren't making as much as they. Twenty thousand in nineteen sixty five they cut me to nineteen thousand and. Sixty. Six. And it took me a while to get up to nine thousand dollars coming from the Braves and was an argument in talking with the general manager. And again, I'm just saying that no matter what it was. It was an argument to try to get any type of increase, and you say that that's like you said fifty thousand is nothing. That's right. It all kinds of home runs, and all, but there wasn't a lot of people in the stands in Detroit when they played their what we drew hundred thousand. I think it was and was for the season. And today every major league stadium is usually sold out except a couple for the whole year, and they got all kinds of money coming in. So they can pay more than the TV contracts is what really is doing it. Sure, that's that in the park. And is there anything that you want to say that the go to the park that? And they're always shown up. But the only thing that that ball players young people try to play. Baseball to get into professionals. It looks like you need to go to college. Because that's where most of the younger ballplayers recognized come from and to say that you'll have an education besides that. But enjoy playing if you don't enjoy playing. You got to look at something else. And today the last two years I haven't played any senior softball. We had a senior traveling team here in new Iberia. We had some players that Joe, Jordan. That Rouge like I said that was seven there that the couple from Texas and. From outside of Alexandria in the middle of the state and we'd go from Texas statistical, the Florida play ten twelve tournaments this summer. And you see Jake would. I would see him. We talk with him. The first time I was playing with technical, and they all sales when I quit playing baseball. And in Lafayette, Louisiana here twenty five miles north of the state tournament over there national tournament being held up and we were warming up to play the first game at a young black man came up to me. And I'm saying young then he stood in front of me and say, he says, you know, who I am. I says no I says, I can't place you had white hair little draft there. That it would shake would call me who he went. I almost fainted. Got to see each other again because he was in Florida. Gola gola. Yes. Yes. And and that's where we go into play. So we would see in every China that we'd go over there. And he's still. He was he was one of the better. Better people that we had on the T still play. These played handball hint senior softball still sure he's he's still that same. He has that gliding motion. Yeah. Just don't look like he's trainers themselves. Terry wanna thank you for coming on, man. It's been a pleasure. Well, I enjoy talking with people about baseball because I don't get much Shantz here in Liberia. But I I do appreciate you offer me that's opportunity and any time that I could help you in any way. I'm glad to do that. So is former major leaguers over there in in new Iberia. No, sir. No. In New Orleans Marshall. And that's where there's hardly any salt ball players that we played ball with here. That's alive even today that change their their disappearance time, Terry. Thank you very much good. They garin. God be with you again. Thank you, man. Terry, FOX what a good pitcher. He was.

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