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Forsling players and that deflects off the inboard grown. Got the puck back along the left boards to forsling left point. Is it down the boards in behind the net around to the right half fourth? Dominic lunar for the hawks. Here's Cahoon door right circle sets up. Forsling high slot long wrist shot to flex wide. Good traffic in front of the net app. Get the puck nemo clear to have the center ice to Gabriel board. He's hit by forsling as he enters the hawk zone and coughed up the puck and Brent Seabrook Brixton pass up the left wing at center ice to throw to Berlin e breaking into the end zone. He lost the puck is it was poke checked away from behind. In Broussard, along the left boards makes a rink wide backhand pass the Calvin over the hawk line. Put it down in front Tyson does but a backhander on goal Crawford stopped with the pads Dylan's occur with the puck along the left wing boards hands at Pearl e he carries to center ice fires. A bouncing puck off the end boards in behind the net and coal to get it it pass up the right wing for Calvert tied up by the Hawk's Slater Kuku, but frees himself and then back hands the puck down into the hawk zone. Connor Murphy back to get it the anthem launching hostile to settle down here. Gets their structure every time you go back though and regroup which we're doing right now kids the Avs that opportunity to get into their neutral zone. Defensive structure. Little stick the puck down the right side boards in behind the net. The corner Brandon Saad centers picked off by Andrew Zeno was able to move the puck to center ice in front of the benches, but Dylan's secure the hawks drifted away put it down into the far corner in the end zone. Ran graves will take it there and put it behind the net. Eric Johnson's got it moves it up the left wing degrades graves at center ice front of the benches will send a bouncing puck off the end boards in behind the hawk net. Crawford plays it over to Gustafsen who carries in front of the net passing on the left wing to Keith made a rink wide pass. It's picked off and then take it back by Kunitz into the end zone, right circle. The puck bounces off his stick way. David camp into retrieve it in the right corner..

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